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1914 Amalgamation: Igbos Didn’t Choose To Be Part Of Nigeria – Orji Uzor Kalu

Congressperson Orji Uzor Kalu, previous Abia State Governor and current Senator speaking to Abia North in the National Assembly has presented that Igbos didn’t get the chance to choose if they needed to be a piece of Nigeria in 1914 or not.

It will be reviewed that the Northern and Southern protectorate were converged as one to become Nigeria in 1914 by British colonialists.

History has it that Nigeria was shaped out of the blend of the northern and southern protectorate in 1914 after Lord Fredrick Lugard marked a report in the interest of the British government to consolidate the two areas.

Naija News comprehends the combination was finished by the British pioneer government to ease regulatory weights on their part without given due thought for the distinctions and varieties of the individuals they were uniting.

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Kalu has now given what has all the earmarks of being another contention on the side of cases from specific quarters for a choice to be directed for unifying units that make up the nation Nigeria to choose if they need to proceed with the ‘constrained association’ or not.

The Senate Chief Whip made the affirmation in his recently delivered collection of memoirs named ‘My Life.’

In particular, Kalu noticed that the Igbo public never had a state in choosing if they needed to be a piece of Nigeria in 1914 or not.

He, in any case, presented that the Igbo country has had the option to transcend the circumstance and separate themselves in different reasons for living of life and in various pieces of Nigeria.

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He stated: “In January 1914, Lord Fredrick Lugard finished the mixture of the northern and southern protectorates into Colonial Nigeria and turned into its first Governor-General.”

“The Igbos didn’t have a state concerning whether they wanted to be a piece of such a contraption or not. Be that as it may, the mists lifted so quickly and the Igbo delighted in brief daylight in Nigeria in the prior decade and a couple of years after autonomy.

“Having grasped Christianity and western instruction with eagerness, they immediately rose to hold influence in the government common assistance, military, scholarly community, business and industry.

“The ‘Jews’ of West Africa were on the walk, working, perspiring and swinging upwards, to the jealousy and contempt of their comrades.”

Then, it will be reviewed as recently revealed by Naija News that Kalu additionally asserted that previous President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo offered N50m to every Senator in 2007 for them to help his third term plan.

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He included, notwithstanding, that obscure to many, Senator Ibrahim Mantu, the then agent senate president was the individual that worked resolutely to abandon the third term plan.

The previous Governor noticed that the pretended by Mantu in guaranteeing the third term plan fizzled has made him an ‘interminable foe’ of Chief Obasanjo.

Kalu made the disclosures in his collection of memoirs named, ‘My Life’ where he said Obasanjo pulled back the cash he shared to the Senators legitimately from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Source: Naija News

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