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2019 :APC Election Campaigners Scamper as IPOB Detainees halts rally in Enugu

IPOB Election boycott intensifies as detainees and I nmates who are supporters of IPOB in Enugu Maximum Prisons disrupt elections campaign and chant “No Election In BiafraLand”, on 20th January 2019

It was indeed a disgracing scene for APC politicians, as Pastor Akuma the former Nigeria Prison Chaplain, APC Enugu Women Leader and some delegates, were disgraced out of the prisons, by IPOB supporters who thunderously chanted ” No Election In BiafraLand”.

The Leader of IPOB detainees and inmates whose name shall remain anonymous, stated; “Politicians are bribing their way, into the prisons and using the prison officials to mandate inmates to register for PVC and cast votes during election, against our wish.
They are paying some inmates and promising them release from prison, to gain our votes.
We IPOB detainees chased those useless politicians out of the prison today being the 20th Of January 2018, as they came to compel us to use our finger prints to register Pvc and cast votes in this country where, the common man is denied justice.

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“Most of the inmates you see here, are wrongly facing frivolous charges, while some of us were convicted for crimes we did not commit.

Pastor Akuma from Ebonyi State and Enugu APC Women Leader, led their members to campaign for Election in Enugu Prisons today. Most Pastors are now agents of APC parties, campaigning and promising inmates money. We disgraced these blood suckers and they went out of the prison in shame.
We told them, there ‘Will Be No Election In BiafraLand’. They will never be allowed to campaign in this prison, talk less of elections.
We will never stop preaching Biafra despite being illegally detained because Biafra is the hope of mankind “.

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There has been an increase in IPOB converts all over Nigerian Prisons, as evil meted out against Biafrans increases.
The Inmates in Enugu Prisons are determined not to be manipulated by politicians or used as political thugs, during elections.
IPOB supporters who were promised freedom with the conditions of voting and becoming ballot Box hijackers, are spitting on the offers and boldly declaring their stance on election boycott even on detention.

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The gospel of Biafra has sank into the minds of the common man and this very unprecedented action of our incarcerated comrades has proven to Nigerians that the fight for Biafra restoration will not be halted.

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