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2019 ELECTION : The blood baths in Biafra land occasioned Nigeria government is still fresh on our minds – IPOB replies those telling them to forget election boycott

The were silence and mockery when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB are under severe unwarranted attack is one of the things IPOB family will never forget in a hurry, now the same people that open the doors for our killers want us to participate in their election

They lost their voices when the streets of Biafra land were soaked in the innocent blood of our own, they never write any essay condemning the unjustified killings and the subsequent proscription of innocent IPOB,instead they supported the murderous Nigeria government for tagging a defenseless most peaceful freedom fighters as terrorist,even when they never killed nor destroyed anything.

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But despite all the injustice against us,these fools without conscience are now urging IPOB and her leadership to forget the past and vote. It shall never be well with Whoever infected these so-called igbo elders with this level of greed and selfishness Who told them that #terrorists do vote?.

Our no election stand can only be sacrosanct unless our demands are been addressed.No amount of love letter will make us to vote for anybody in the zoo presidential race. We asked for peace through Ohaneze and south east governors even when we are aware of their romance with our enemies against us,what did they do in return,they mocked us without knowing that our massive participation will be their backbone. They can go to hell with their good for nothing pvc and we don’t care,all we care is Biafra freedom.

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