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2019 ELECTIONS – Nigeria Lost In The Election But The Igbos Won – Fayose


SAHARANEWS – I am so happy with this people called the Igbos. I am so happy with their wisdom and industry. I am happy with their doggedness and pride. I am proud of their disobedience at times. I am proud of their capacity and capability to analyze and judge every situation on real time. I am proud of their ability to disagree on what other tribes would readily accept without deep analysis and their strong determination to follow through on anything they agree upon. I am proud of the way they accept challenges.

However, I have never been this proud before. Nigeria lost the elections but the Igbos won the elections. They told you Mr. Buhari that they hate you to your face. They hate your personality. They hate what you have done to their children, what you have done to pregnant women in many parts of Nigeria by ripping open their wombs and ordering the death of Christian priests in Benue and the killings of their brethren in parts of the North. They say they hate the blood shed in Southern Kaduna, in Benue, in Zamfara, in Adamawa, in Taraba, in Borno and Yobe. You love and pamper Boko Haram. You release, rehabilitate and even enlist into the Nigerian Army and Police Boko Haram terrorists. Igbos hate Boko Haram. They hate bloodshed and they regard human life as sacred. You are the grand patron of the murderous Fulani Herdsmen and Igbos don’t want your cattle colonies in their towns and cities.

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They denied you their votes and subjected you and your cabal to rigging in order to win. Igbos hate your divide and rule policies. They hate your ethnic based leadership and your nepotism. They hate injustice, ethnic and religious bigotry. Igbos hate poverty. That is the victory of their votes. They defeated you and Tinubu in your Lagos. They have confirmed to you that they are in Lagos, Abuja, PortHarcout and all over the south.

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And for the rest of Nigeria, sorry for you. Igbos have done their part. They have rejected evil and his ministers. Their votes are their witness. The blood of all the young men killed in Portharcourt last Saturday bear witness to them. Their resistance in Lagos sing their triumph. Whatever will happen in Nigeria the next four years, count Igbos innocent because they saw evil and rejected it. And those who desire evil and aided this evil will live with it. Igbos have done their part and hoping that one day, only one day, the rest of Nigeria will remember the sacrifices of the Igbo nation for the freedom of Nigeria of which their ancestors were the founding fathers. Thank you all Igbos who are still alive in Nigeria. You won the elections and you won my heart and hearts of all men and women of good will by shaming the devil.
Do not worry but trust God to vindicate you.

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