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2023: Buhari: Money politics cannot alleviate Nigeria’s out of present problems.

Engineer, the Vice Presidential candidate for the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in the election on February 25 Yusuf Buhari has stated that Nigerians cannot be saved from their current difficulties by money politics.

On Monday evening, Buhari made this admission while giving a speech at a press conference in Ibadan.

Barr, the party’s candidate for governor in the State, was present at the briefing for the media. Mr. Michael Okunlade, Chairman of the SDP, Michael Lana, and some of the party’s candidates in the 2023 general election.

While addressing the journalists, Buhari asserted that a visionary, patriotic, just, and determined leadership could avert many of Nigeria’s current crises.

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During the election, he advised voters to avoid money politics “because it cannot take us anywhere.”

If we continue to play money politics, Buhari warned, those with the most money will control our politics, not those who can offer the best.

He went on to say that the task at hand necessitates governance that is fully aware of our differences in order to fully exploit and make use of these differences in a just manner.

In his subsequent remarks, Buhari exhorted Nigerians to elect the party’s presidential candidate, Prince Adewole Adebayo, as well as other candidates, in order to alleviate the country’s current difficulties.

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“We must resolve to halt and reverse the trend of failure,” he added.

He declared that the time had come to begin following the path that would bring the nation prosperity and success.

According to Buhari, “Self-accountability and self-discipline are also a direct consequence of the progress or success that we must aim for as a people.”

“If we continue to engage in money politics, our politics will be influenced not by those who are able to provide the best service but rather by those who have the most money. These are essential components for defining a responsible citizenry and restoring sanity and functionality to any system.

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We must make a decision to stop and reverse this pattern of failure. It’s time to get moving on the road that will bring this nation success and prosperity. And let us do it for our children, even if only for that reason. Both our options and our future are entirely in our hands.

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