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2023: It’s past the point of no return for Atiku to reconcile with G-5 Governors – VON DG, Okechukwu

An individual from the All Moderates Congress (APC) and Chief General of Voice of Nigeria (VON), Mr Osita Okechukwu, has portrayed moves by previous VP and People groups Leftist faction (PDP) official competitor, His Excellency, Atiku Abubakar, to accommodate with the Lead representative Nyesom Wike-drove G-5 lead representatives as late.

Okechukwu expressed this while answering the proclamation by Atiku that the decision APC is a contraption of Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s party, Activity Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and Buhari’s party, the Congress for Moderate Change (CPC), which will fall after its loss in the 2023 general races and that he will accommodate with the G-5 lead representatives.

In a proclamation in Abuja named, “Atiku’s endeavor to accommodate with Wike-G-5 – Disguise is late by headwinds”, the APC tribal leader depicted the statement made by the Waziri Adamawa as mind flight and medication in the afterlife.

As per him, it is ludicrous for the previous VP, a veteran to imagine that the board of equity of pivot show distributed to PDP’s Constitution and the Government Character standard of 1999 Constitution, will be handily hidden away from plain view.

On the issue that APC will lose 2023 official political race and breakdown, being a contraption of Tinubu’s party and old CPC, Okechukwu shouted, “Is it’s anything but an express loss of memory for His Excellency who was an individual from the newPDP that participated in the development of the APC, to endeavor to modify history in quest for his official desire?”

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He contended that it would be uncalled for and treacherous toward the southern piece of the country for any northerner to consider directing the country after the residency of President Muhammadu Buhari, an individual northerner, in May 2023.

“This is one of the significant headwinds that is hindering his childish compromise with Wike-G-5-Disguise. Atiku is a first recipient of the turn show in 2018, during PDP’ official essential in Port Harcourt, which Wike facilitated. It’s prosaic regulation that he who comes to value will tell the truth hands,” he added.

Evidently alluding to the new gathering of the G-5 with the Bauchi State Lead representative, Bala Mohammed, Okechukwu set that the virile letter Bala kept in touch with Atiku penultimate week, scrutinized the respectability of the previous VP.

“How might he wage an intermediary political conflict against the Bauchi lead representative? News separated that Atiku scrutinized his nerve not to step down like Lead representative Aminu Tambuwal. This is one of the headwinds which will make compromise incomprehensible.

“Hence, the development of the Wike-G-5 northwards, is above water, clearly sounding the mark of the end for Atiku’s aspiration.

“Methinks Lead representative Wike-G-5-Disguise, which is wildly pursuing Atiku due to his disloyalty toward the South and PDP’s Constitution, which is the break of force pivot among north and south, is driving him into a condition of fancy. For a few days ago, in Arewa Culmination, he reprimanded the north not to decide in favor of Yoruba or Igbo, a shameless goof and, in the current occurrence, twisting the beginning and limit of the APC,” he noted.

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Okechukwu attested that without the logic to back out Dr. Iyorchia Ayu as the PDP director in accordance with his sequential guarantee to Wike’s G-5 projects Atiku’s uprightness, essential ability and expertise to join this country in serious uncertainty.

“Unexpectedly, while Atiku is de-showcasing the APC as though he has no stuff, the Wike-G-5’s disguise is broadening its teeth northwards; the potentially negative result is most certainly disintegration of Atiku’s triumph.

“In the event that Atiku can’t join his party, control Peter Obi’s far and wide disintegration of PDP’s help base across the country and plan how to pick the excess votes from Congressperson Rabiu Kwankwaso’s strength in Kano how might he win?” He added.

Okechukwu excused Atiku’s endeavor to make peace with Wike-G-5-Disguise by means of IBB and other resigned commanders of PDP as late, commenting that the immature exertion adds up to medication in the afterlife.

He expressed: “The Wike-G-5-Disguise had catapulted. The purported compromise is a sort of medication after death, since it is expressed that there is no contrition in the grave. I question that the Wike I realize will select 200,000 Extraordinary Colleagues for Atiku’s triumph. The Wike-G-5-Disguise know and adequately experienced to see the value in the risks of the Blades Disorder.

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“In the speech of the Italian Mafia, you can’t pull the Blade or Gun and set it back in the holster. You should shoot or you are killed. They know that Atiku’s DNA-Retaliation, as most lawmakers, is of serious level. He won’t ever pardon them assuming he wins. Furthermore, Nigerian loyalists won’t excuse Wike-G-5 for exonerating a frantic lawmaker that childishly penetrated pivot show.”

On the thought inside Atiku’s circles that Peter Obi has not the tremendous assets expected to rule the Southeast and South/South and cases that PDP will truly do well in Southwest, Okechukwu commented that those stages are not substantial.

“Everything isn’t cash, for one of the headwinds Atiku faces cross country without a doubt is that most loyalists are in a similar turn of force show boat. This is for the amicable and corporate presence of our dear country. Added to this is Peter Obi’s family and Atiku’s pointless intermediary battle in Bauchi State.

“Southwest is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s base, assuming there is any resistance, that is Peter Obi. Greater part Southwest citizens are modern and earnestly are of the open view that it is out of line for one more northerner to direct Nigeria following President Buhari,” the DG VON contended.

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