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2023: Obi Represent Biafra, Don’t Vote Him – Miyetti Allah

The Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, prominently known as Miyetti Allah, has guaranteed that it has told each fulani in the country not to help Peter Obi, the Labor Party’s official applicant.
Obi addresses “the Biafran interest,” which wouldn’t “favor the Fulani country in Nigeria,” the gathering claims, and is a “ancestral narrow minded person.”
The National Secretary-General of the Fulani socio-social gathering, Mr. Saleh Ahassan, expressed that Obi was not on Miyetti Allah’s rundown of possibility for the impending races.
“Taking everything into account, we realize those we can’t decide in favor of. You see that they call Obi or OBIdient, any Fulani man who votes in favor of him should be addressed on the grounds that he may not be a genuine child of the dirt.
“Obi addresses the Biafran interest. In this way, we realize those we can’t decide in favor of and those that can’t be leader of Nigeria. He is an ancestral narrow minded person,” he pushed.
Moreover, Alhassan guaranteed that during Obi’s residency as legislative leader of Anambra State, he “annihilated the organizations of northerners and pursued numerous Hausa and Fulani individuals from entering Anambra.”

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