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2023: We should not bet or hazard our future in Akwa Ibom, says Gov Emmanuel

Legislative head of Akwa Ibom State, Udom Emmanuel has encouraged individuals of the state not to waste or annihilate their future throughout picking a replacement for the state during the following political decision.

He said the eventual fate of the state is now gotten in the possession of God, notice that they should not wrongly pick anybody that would turn around the improvement in the state.

Emmanuel circulated his perspectives on Thursday in his state-wide location to check the 34th-commemoration of the production of the state on September 23, 1987.

As per him as the 2023 races move close, the state should be aware of pushing ahead and not in reverse by guaranteeing that the individual whom God would select to succeed him would have the option to expand on the additions that have as of now been accomplished over the most recent 34-years.

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He said “Individual Akwaibomites, the eventual fate of Akwa Ibom State, which our progenitors appealed to God for and got is guaranteed and in God’s grasp. It is protected, it is secure, and it is guaranteed. We can’t bet it away neither would we be able to put it to chance. This is our aggregate charge, this is our aggregate assumption.

“I put it to you my dear Akwaibomites that we need to secure these increases by guaranteeing that the man, whom God will pick as my replacement, would have the option to proceed from these layers of development and further extend our formative steps and development.

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“This state won’t ever backpedal on harmony and security, this state won’t ever move in reverse on getting the future for our youngsters, and transforming our adolescents into useful residents; this state won’t ever move in reverse in perceiving the way that Jesus Christ is the focal point of our administration, this state won’t ever move in reverse in modifying and changing the accounts of our improvement from being a simply polite assistance state it was 34 years prior to a quickly developing mechanical one it has become in the beyond six years.”

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Emmanuel further accentuated that the state won’t ever need reasonable nourishment for its kin neither will it do not have a decent and reasonable medical services framework.

“This state won’t ever need food to take care of her kin at a reasonable value, this State won’t ever move in reverse in guaranteeing that we give medical care offices to our kin, the youthful, and the old.

“This state will keep on going ahead; we the glad beneficiaries and beneficiaries of our progenitor’s deepest desires will in any case guarantee that our solidarity, our turn of events, and our forward development stay non-debatable statements of belief,” the lead representative said.

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