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Africa And The Legacy Of Slavery

Edmund Burke said, “The only thing needed for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

White Supremacy: What is It?

White Supremacy, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is the belief that white people are a superior race and should, as a result, rule the society, typically to the detriment of other racial and ethnic groups, particularly Jews and blacks.

Has the British depicted traits connected to the preceding definition?

Tribalism, classism, racism, and simple discrimination based on caste, social status, race, religion, or creed are commonplace in Africa. One could say that white supremacy is the first of them all. Racism and slavery continued White Supremacy, as it is defended today. In the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other western nations, white supremacy is frequently mentioned and cited. Meanwhile, slavery would not have prevented racism against black Americans. When they riot, kill, or damage property, it is the footsoldiers of groups like the Kukluxklan, Proud Boys, and Nazis that bear the brunt of the blame. These cults are well-known for preserving war memorabilia and the Confederate flag. They have voiced their opposition to activists’ plans to demolish confederate war monuments and sculptures because they view them as racists for supporting black people’s continued slavery. In order to convince the black man to become a slave, white supremacy was promoted. It was used to justify slavery and cleanse the consciences of slavemasters, most of whom were Christian Europeans. They established the Kukluxklan in the United States, which captured and executed slaves for a variety of offenses. The colonial Europeans were able to exploit Africa to the last penny because it was divided up among them. In addition, they constructed and maintained administrative structures to maintain their power, control over resources and minerals, political policies, and non-political loopholes!

Yes! From the time Mungo Park and his criminal gang of British explorers made their first known discovery, the Niger River, until today, grave injustice that unquestionably implies White Supremacy has been sustained in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. The indigenous people were to be completely excluded from British colonial life. This is particularly prevalent in Canada, Australia, the United States, Mexico, etc. The British empire spread from Europe to the Americas, Asia, and Africa, causing the devastation of civilizations, looting of cultural and artistic treasures, forced labor, coercive religious emancipation, and even outright genocide.

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Notable genocide of native Canadian Indians, the destruction and looting of the Benin Empire, the exile of Niger Delta King Jaja Opobo, the destruction of the Jewish temple at Arochukwu, and the Christianization of the Igbos A simple difference in syntax and semantics separates the postcolonial goal from the commonwealth’s appropriation and preservation of colonial interests. As was the case in the past, the use of treacherous indigenous people to support the practice of unnatural selection does not make their crime any less cruel.

From 1967 to 1970, the Nigerian government that massacred Biafrans to protect their oil interests received more than 90% of its arms from Britain. This is an illustration of how the British put their business interests ahead of the lives of over 3 million indirectly killed Biafrans. How can we link today’s crises, massacres, racism, and poverty to the same evil characteristics of colonialism and White Supremacy that began centuries ago, particularly in Nigeria? The world has not significantly changed since then. Slavery and colonialism are no longer in existence on an official level.

Through a variety of means, they have maintained the parasitic relationship. They produce weapons of mass destruction and threaten others with using them. Their multinational corporations continue to exploit natural resources from these regions, perpetuating a culture of slavery through unequal wage structures, unfair competition, unfair meddling, outright interventions, association with and promotion of corrupt leaders, covering up corruption and collusion like Shell and Eni-Total, and upholding double standards by arresting some people who are accused of corruption but allowing others to go unpunished.

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What Actions Have These Self-Professed Good People Taken?

In the case of the United States, which figured out that the British were innocent and sacked them through a war of independence, they realized that they were afraid that their enemies, like Russia, would create co-dependent treaties for protection like NATO and other similar arrangements. Instead of supporting each other’s interests, as in the case of Nigeria and Biafra, these organizations assist them in working together. While the United States Government acknowledges that the rights of Biafrans are being violated, their alliance binds the United States. They remained silent until six million Jews were murdered. If they are all working together with our killers, then who are the good men?

Everyone is familiar with Newton’s physical law of equality and opposition between action and reaction. A person’s capacity to endure suffering is constrained. Despite their covert and overt actions, the British clearly understand that Biafrans are not dying. Consequently, what is their goal? Since they first set foot on our land, they have been killing Biafrans for what purpose? What do they gain by supporting a nation that stifles our aspirations, Nigeria? Sincerely, resources do not last forever. Empires and the world circle around each other. If they are sitting on our heads today, how will our children see Britain in the future? Will they sit on our children similarly to how they sat on our fathers yesterday? How then can we explain what the British government did in Africa and continues to do to us today if they do not run a white supremacist government or hate their mixed race or black constituents? Someone once said that you can appeal to the emotions of your oppressor, but these are parents.

Like our fathers and mothers, they have sons. Make it possible for Africans and Biafrans to effectually alter the narrative through peaceful change. Australia is making it simple to pay back what the British did to their indigenous people, the United States is doing the same, and Canada is making it easy to do so. Why is Britain moving in the opposite direction by attempting to support their racist invention, Nigeria, despite the fact that millions of people have been killed there? The British Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Affairs Office’s treatment of Maazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra and a British citizen, has exposed the pretentious lies that Britain tells about fighting for freedom and democracy.

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Following Nigeria’s rendition or smuggling of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from Kenya, the UK has even refused to officially acknowledge that Biafran rights are being violated. They remained silent until six million Jews were murdered. The same thing happened in Biafra. When our killers are in alliance with the good men, who are they really? Despite British condemnation of Lukashenko for commanding a plane to arrest a dissident years ago, a Jewish British citizen was kidnapped and taken to another country against his will. Is it a sin for Nnamdi Kanu to fight for the freedom of the Biafran people because he is Jewish or black? As the dying cries of numerous Biafrans are being arrested by the Nigerian government, Britain’s silence is audible.

By assisting the Fulani terrorists in their abduction of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the British government has demonstrated their hostility once more. He is a double whammy because he is Jewish and black. How are they capable of knowing what they want? It becomes increasingly apparent! You can either ignore white supremacy or join it! Britain has the option of helping millions of white supremacists overcome their prejudices in the same way that it did when it first created them!


Chibueze Daniel wrote the book, and Emmanuel Iwu edited it for Family Writers Press International.

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