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BIAFRA: IPOB’s Call For Sit-At-Home Is Gaining Wider Acceptance As UHROBO, ISOKO Leaders Calls For Total Compliance Amongst Indigenes

SAHARANEWS – The family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Ughelli-South Local Government Area of Delta State, Biafraland, arising from a very crucial meeting have called for a strong and unified compliance with the Biafra Heroes/Heroines Day Commemoration slated for this Thursday 30th May 2019. The meeting was held primarily, for the well-being of members as well as to fine tune plans aimed at having a successful memorial for our freedom champions who laid down their lives for the living legends and freedom fighters of today.

Family Writers Press Correspondent who covered the proceedings reported that encouraging number of both Isoko and Urhobo speaking Biafrans fully acknowledged the need for total Biafra restoration at this point in time. There is absolutely nothing to show for over decades of slavery, misery and deprivation in the so-called South-South/Niger Delta region. It has been a tale of woes and death. “No good living condition even when all it takes to live well, abounds”.

Speaking to the media, the Delta-South District Coordinator, Mazi Emma O. Akpoebi, deeply emphasized the reason why Nigeria can never be one. “The country was not structured for unity. It was never created nor dedicated to God”, he stated.
“Recall that the United States of America (USA) got her independence in the year 1876 which was thereafter, dedicated to God. This is the reason behind the nation’s strength, greatness and progress as being witnessed till date”.

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“I will be happy to see that the indigenous and non indigenous tribes of Delta-South and environs, obey the “Sit-At-Home” order as declared by the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), globally, come Thursday 30th May 2019. Nobody, be such an Igbo or not, preached to me about Biafra. I was born a Biafran and I will happily die, a Biafran”, Akpoebi further maintained.

In a brief phone conversation with Family Writers Press in the course of the meeting, the IPOB Delta State Coordinator, Mazi John Chukwu, pointedly spoke on the level of preparedness of the State chapter to totally shutdown activities in respect of our slain heroes and heroines.

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Another report gathered by our correspondent has it that one of the national figures and member of IPOB Elders Forum in Delta State, Mazi Ukwuara strongly outlined the way forward to drive the concerns of the family within the district. He encouraged all the members to stand fast, formidable and relentless in the struggle for the total restoration of the nation of Biafra. “I am fully ready and determined to die for this just course, if the need arises”, Mazi Ukwuara declared.

Speaking further to the media, Mazi Akpoebi stated that Ughelli-South and Ughelli-North are not part of Nigeria. He condemned and debunked the lies emanating from some grossly misinformed and uninformed individuals that “Delta State is not Biafra”. We have oil and yet live in squalor. How many Niger Delta indigenes own oil block? This is a question we must all ask ourselves.

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” Our Igbo brethren are not our problems because they are out to help save us as our own blood. The Igbos call in-law “Ogo” while the Urhobos call same “Ogo”. Igbos have four market days, just the same with the Urhobos. Then how are we different? The so-called difference between the two ancestral brethren is the handiwork of our enemies floated to “divide and rule” us. We must arise and stand against that evil by totally supporting the agitation for Biafra restoration while also obeying the “Sit-At-Home” order given by IPOB worldwide, ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, which comes up on Thursday 30th May 2019″, Mazi Akpoebi, concluded.

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