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Biafra: Nigeria And Her Evil Propaganda, Aimed At Damaging The Spotless Image Of IPOB

I sometimes wonder how the government of Nigeria ever imagined that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) would ever be able to free themselves completely from the British shackles that make up Nigeria. Nigeria has frequently deceived the public with their cheap and misleading propaganda, claiming to have blocked Radio Biafra. However, Radio Biafra continues to broadcast on a wide range of platforms, reaching a wider audience than ever before. The Nigerian government has set up a number of fake groups to show the world that IPOB is split up and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is no longer in charge of the Biafra restoration movement. However, all of these lies and propaganda are made up.

Anyone who is familiar with Nigeria is aware of the country’s prominence as a hotbed of various criminal activity. Furthermore, this terrible record predates to her mixture in 1914.

Since IPOB’s inception, the Nigerian government has actively sought to shift responsibility for all state-sponsored crimes in order to maintain the IPOB movement’s noble and spotless image. Furthermore, the government’s dishonest actions are only motivated by the suppression of all efforts to restore Biafra. As a result, they pretend to be unaware of the crimes their own domestic terrorist organizations, which are ravaging the nation, have committed. They also push their brown-envelope media outlets to promote these negative narratives simultaneously.

There are instances of kidnappings, consuming of government offices all around the country, killings in provincial networks regularly in Nigeria. However, Nigerian uniformed men and the media will attempt to label IPOB as a violent organization if these crimes are carried out in South East (Biafraland) by the same state-sponsored criminals. The worst part is that when they find cultists or juju men, or when they raid a criminal hideout, they will rush to the media to blame IPOB.

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Only a couple of days back, Nigerian Police hurried to the media and campaigned them to mislead the world that they have seen IPOB bomb processing plant in Ebonyi State, in any event, when no examination was completed. Similar claims were made in a recent video about an Ejima alleging that the general officer in charge of ESN, Mazi Chinasa Nworu, is funding the killings. How is it possible for Chinasa Nworu to be a sponsor of the same criminals that he has identified and warned earlier this year on Radio-Biafra to put an end to the terrorizing of Biafrans?

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The same Ejima claimed that their camp is behind a police station. Now, how is it possible to inform me that criminals have a camp behind a police station? Isn’t this the year’s best comedy show? I feel that Nigeria government and that large number of they are utilizing to extort IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu ought to shut down these modest and ridiculous coerces. They ought to go fight Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsman, and other terrorist organizations that are terrorizing their nation.

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Over 120 countries have IPOB’s registration, and none of its members have ever been found guilty of a crime. The government of Nigeria ought to stop chasing shadows.

The following is a synopsis of IPOB from a biblical passage: It is Africa’s and the entire world’s light. The passage read, It is impossible to hide a city on a hill. Men also don’t light a candle and put it in a bushel; instead, they put it on a candlestick; Moreover, it illuminates the entire house. Allow your light so to sparkle before men, that they might see your acts of kindness, and commend your Dad which is in paradise.”

IPOB is that light, the light of Africa and the world as a whole, whose deeds are always transparent and untarnished. This light has come and will keep on sparkling until the cows come home.

Chidiebere Obulose was the author, and Okey Chuks was the editor for Family Writers Press International.

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