BIAFRA : Nnamdi Kanu knows what he is talking about and I believe him – Suleiman


Is’nt it high the Nigerian govt open up properly to save the nation from calamities. Even if it were a Cancer, the treatment is more effective if treated early. Evidences here, elsewhere and Nmandi Kanu’s assertions, persistance, perseverance and fearless approach to this development.

No doubt, he’s higly intelligent and committed. Gradually generating national and international attention and sympathy on this problem. It’s not only for Biafran but for truths which is godly and universal. The evidences are glaring and the state of the nation is seriously deterioting with no clear way out. Nigerian citizens need to awake and seriously face this. B/4 it gets out. Let’s stop pretending, deceiving, and thinking is a non issue. Let govt open up. Kanu will not give up.

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