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BIAFRA: The Truth Behind Nnamdi Kanu’s Romance Video That Made Me Love Him Even More

SAHARANEWS – Much of the public have been surprised by the leaked video. Like many people, I only heard of it but didn’t have the time to watch it. But today, I read an article describing the video in detail. According to the article, Kanu was having MouthAction with his wife in the video.

This got me curious. So, I decided to put aside many things to look for the video online. I watched it from several sources. Do you know what? In none of the videos I found did I see any sexual act, not to talk of MouthAction. But this is not what I am here to reveal though.

I will come to what I am here to say just now. But, for anyone to find fault with Kanu based just on the videos I watched, is an expression of timidity and hypocrisy. The man was only having an intimate moment with his wife.

Then, coming to how the video may have been made and released online. I must say, this is where my own disappointment with the video lay before I came to know the truth I am here to share with you. The video clearly shows Kanu and his wife created it. Just look at how his wife put on matching bikini and then posed before the camera, displaying her front and backside like a model doing a catwalk on a runway. But, I can’t imagine that either Kanu or his wife may have released the video.

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Well, I am in London. So, I asked some sources close to Nnamdi Kanu who said the video was made by the couple when Nnamdi Kanu was to travel to Nigeria in 2015. He was expecting to be arrested. So, they made the video to help his wife stay in romantic memory of him while he would be incarcerated. But, probably he forgot that when he would be arrested, his gadgets would be seized by the Nigerian authorities who would have access to the video in his tablet.

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For me, this sounds like truth. But how? If you listened to the video, you would have heard her asking him “don’t you pity me?” to which he answered that he did. Why was she talking about pitying her? It was because Nnamdi was purposely walking into prison to advance the course of his Biafra struggle, abandoning the love they obviously shared. That means they were talking about the impending incarceration at the point of making the video.

This background to the story makes me respect Kanu and his wife the more rather than the less after the so called sex tape leak. Why? First, any man who maintains good romance with his wife deserves respect, not disrespect. Second, any man who can abandon the pleasure of such a romance to pursue a course of liberating others, deserves even more respect.

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Third, for Nnamdi KANU’S wife to be ready to sacrifice so much love for the sake of the cause they are fighting is a level of selflessness that is rare among women all over the world. Fourth, for Kanu to refuse to make this explanation by himself to save his name shows what a strong soul lies in him. But then, too much of anything is bad. So, in case this is what happened, I would advise Kanu not to be too self-reliant. As a leader, you should not let damaging rumors be and sway your followership. Instead, in such circumstance, you should make explanations clearly to carry everyone along.

Please share. Let me see other people’s opinions on this. It could be I am wrong. If I am, I’d be glad to change my views. Otherwise, let’s set the record straight.

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