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BODY DOUBLE: Six international media giants kicks off investigations on Buhari body double.

Six Of The Biggest Media Organisations In The West Have Taken Up The Jubril Sudan Story, full list below.

Opinion: If Mr President had not suspended his quarterly media chat. If Mr President had regular press conferences. If Mr President addressed  the nation regularly. If Mr President had interviews. If the President just took out time and talked to us. This news would have died a natural death.

The way and manner the Presidency has handled this rumour  might indicate how far removed they are  from the realities in the nation. Take a look at the reputable international western media organisations that have taken up this story. These organisations are not reporting Metele or Boko Haram.

Perhaps now that this story is all over the world, maybe  something will be done. I personally don’t believe this story – it is wild, ridiculous and practically impossible for anyone to pull this kind of stunt on a whole nation. We are not talking about a pure water seller – this is Mr President.

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What about his wife and his kids, would they keep quiet? Only Nnamdie Kanu could have come up with something this sick!  But there is now a need for the people to see and hear their President speak on home soil.

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS – THE RUMOUR IS ALL OVER THE WORLD!  CNN – Nigeria’s President Buhari denies clone rumors: ‘This is the real me

New York Post – Nigerian president insists he is not a clone

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The Washington Post – ‘It’s the real me’: Nigerian president denies he died and was replaced by a clone

Financial Times – Nigeria president Buhari denies rumours he was cloned

Sky News – Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari denies he died and was replaced by clone

BBC – Nigerian President Buhari denies death and body double rumoursBBC

what a national embarrassment.

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  1. Kingsley says

    Yes because he acts and treats his people like he’s a clone

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