BREAKING: Court Denies Abdurasheed bail, says he’s a proven flight risk


A Federal high court Abuja has prevented bail to the previous director from getting the outdated benefits change task group Abdulrasheed Maina.

Preliminary appointed authority, Justice Okon Abang administering on the application for bail documented by the respondent held that bail is at the tact of the court, the court can either allow or reject the litigant bail if he had bounced bail.

Equity Abang noticed that the court is charged to practice its tact judicially and sensibly with the specifics and realities of each case put before it.

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The court faced a challenge by conceding the litigant to bail the first run through, the court isn’t slope to take such hazard the subsequent time.

The respondent isn’t just a potential flight hazard yet a demonstrated flight hazard.

The clinical report joined by the respondent on the side of his application doesn’t show that he needs the earnest consideration of a specialist or it’s a crisis.

In another decision the court additionally wouldn’t abandon its request made on eighteenth November 2020, which expresses that the preliminary can go on without the litigant.

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The court held, that the choice was made with the assent of the litigants previous insight and that choice can not be offered without the leave of the court.

There are no realities on the side of the alleviation, in an oaths of 27 sections there are no testimony for the court to consider, on the off chance that it will clear the request or not.

Matter deferred to first March for respondent to open his safeguard.

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