SAHARANEWS – Following the recent and unstoppable accusation by the Leader of the movement fighting for Biafra freedom (IPOB) circulating that the President of Nigeria is a cloned impostor created to keep power in the North and avoid the unfortunate incidence which took place during the last Northern president in Nigeria.

NNAMDI KANU THE LEADER OF THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE of BIAFRA has raised several alarms and this notice is beginning to take a toll in Nigeria. Nigerians are taking measures to explore the facts and evidence brought forward by KANU and the IPOB members.

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NNAMDI KANU accused the world leaders of being part of this monumental deception leading to the bamboozling and swaying of over 200 million people despite their hardship and incompetent leadership.

It was shocking to reveal this at the early hours of today that right from the day the IPOB leader raised this alarm, a popular dreaded underground Journalist Julian Assange, embarked on his private investigation to uncover the truth.

Julian concluded his investigation yesterday confirming it that the man in Aso Rock in Nigeria is not a good option for the betrayal of the people’s trust. he stated further that “ The man in Aso-Rock Nigeria, is a $536 million hired and manipulated imposter, his name is AL-Sudanni Mahmmod Jubril, a Sudanese, this is the greatest betrayal of a people’s trust I have never seen such in my entire life not even as an investigative journalist”.

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His revelation revealed that Abba-Kyiari is the man behind the entire concepts, he is the one presiding over Nigeria, and the other entire political class is all aware of it.

Britain is fully aware of it. and the Bishop of Canterbury backed the solution in order to keep the power in Nigeria in the Northern region.

They have stated that they are not ready and willing to accept misfortunes from having old presidents who die before their time thereby setting the northern region backward. Nigerians have been totally hoodwinked. (NewsAfrica)

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