BREAKING: (VIDEO) “Enough Is Enough!” Aisha Explodes Angrily, Demands For Referendum


SAHARANEWS – Aisha Yusuf, the co-founder of Bring Back Our Girls, has warned the federal government of Nigeria to conduct a referendum to end the coexistence of Nigerians instead of bidding for the third term.

In a video message on his official Facebook page, late Sunday exploded over the lingering rumour that President Mohammadu Buhari seeks to amend some areas of the Nigerian constitution to enable him to secure third term ticket come 2023.

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The angry Aisha said after the referendum and if the President like to lead people of Daura for hundred years she will give her support and will also be visiting advised the President not to try it.

She said instead Buhari will go for the third term everyone will ‘die’ that no is a slave and she is not one.


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