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BREAKING:I’m ready to stand trial in Hague – Nnamdi Kanu

Head of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has announced his preparation to stand preliminary at the International Criminal Court, ICC, in Hague, if safeguarding Biafrans against ridiculous destructive assaults by executioner herders and psychological oppressors would warrant his appearance at the ICC. Kanu who made the announcement on a live transmission on Radio Biafra Sunday night, lamented that disturbances and extrajudicial killings by security organizations have proceeded with unabated across Biafra land.

The IPOB Leader said that the world had kept up criminal quiet over the predicament of Biafrans in spite of protests and petitions by IPOB just as prosecuting reports against the Nigerian Authorities and security offices by some trustworthy worldwide organizations including the UN reportuer on basic freedoms and Amnesty International.

He said that other than state-supported oppressions and baldfaced incensing underestimation and prohibition against Biafrans, executioner herders and fear mongers have kept on striking networks in the district unchallenged by the security offices. ” Herdsmen will assault us, assault our ladies, obliterate our homesteads and slaughter our ranchers no one will capture them except for when we attempt to safeguard ourselves, government will come after us revealing the tanks and utilizing their helicopter weapon boats”, he seethed.

Kanu clarified that the ceaseless unmerited destructive assaults by herders and the quietness of the Nigerian Authorities offered ascend to the development of the Eastern Security Network, ESN, to ensure the hapless Biafran local people against dread. Yet, he lamented that as opposed to pursuing the culprits of the intolerable violations against guiltless residents, the Nigerian State rather decided to proclaim battle against simple vigilante volunteer gathering as shown in Thursday’s air strike in Orlu.

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The IPOB Leader who said that the Orlu military assault denoted the start of the subsequent Nigeria/Biafra war promised to assemble individuals with regards to their tribal land “regardless of the outcomes”. ” If safeguarding our hereditary land against triumph by Fulani Janjaweed intruders will take me to the Hague I am all set to the Hague”, Kanu roared. Proceeding with he said: ” The world has the prosecuting report by the UN Reportuer against Nigeria yet they have not done anything.

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Do we need to stand by until we are completely executed before we protect ourselves?” Kanu communicated stun that the world had weakly watched the Nigerian State utilize savage power against simple tranquil instigators while then again exchanging words with, and encouraging acquittal and installment of payoff to scoundrels and psychological oppressors who have not given any regret or indication of ceasation to their murdering binge. As per him world pioneers should have requested test of Nigerian Leaders including some Northern Governors and Islamic priests over their sentiment with criminals.

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He said he would proclaim 40 days supplication and fasting by one week from now for Biafrans everywhere on the world to look for God’s quality, and for more otherworldly fortress for the errand ahead. Kanu who repeated Biafra’s Jewish root said Israel can never be squashed by their foe on account of Abraham’s pledge with God which he guaranteed follows Biafra. He communicated hopefulness that Biafra would before long be reestablished notwithstanding solid resistance by the Nigerian State and her International associates just as inward backstabbers.

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