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BREAKING:IPOB thumps Facebook chiefs for hindering Kanu’s Account.

The restricted Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has denounced the obstructing of Facebook page of its Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu following his live transmission last Tuesday night.

The gathering portrayed the activity as bewildering as well as too trivial, asking why a worldwide web-based media goliath like Facebook would permit itself to be utilized by specialists of mistreatment in Nigeria to smother reality.

An assertion from its Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, IPOB said Facebook just prevailing with regards to joining forces with culprits of denials of basic freedoms and other crimes engineered by the Nigeria State against guiltless residents.

It cautioned that regardless of how hard the message of its chief was supressed, the battle for Biafra freedom would not be eased back down, asking its abounding crowd to follow Kanu on other IPOB’s various stages.

The assertion mostly read, “We firmly censure this mentality of Facebook Managers in Lagos and Abuja who connive with degenerate Nigerian government authorities to smother free progression of Information by means of their foundation.

“This inappropriate and inexcusable mentality adds up to joining forces with culprits of denials of basic freedoms and other crimes engineered by the Nigeria State against blameless residents.

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“The government and its infantry – psychological militant herders and criminals – have kept on enslaving native countries in the nation incorporating Biafrans with the expectation for triumph. These infantrymen on consistent schedule release a wide range of pandemonium on the honest and hapless native people groups while the national government fiendishly stays resigned.

“These vampires taking on the appearance of herders have coercively held onto our backwoods and changed our homesteads over to nibbling fields for their steers. They have similarly turned our genealogical terrains to slaughterhouses where they execute without risk of punishment in most dehumanizing habits, honest local people approaching their genuine business.

“They carry out these wrongdoings unchallenged by security agents. They capture for emancipate, debilitate and assault our ladies. They channel their cows with our yields, and Facebook is saying we don’t reserve a privilege to shout out?

“Since our Leader has begun uncovering the abominations of these posers, Facebook have chosen to be an accessory to mass homicide and harsh inclinations of Fulani Janjaweed leaders of Nigeria.

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“For what reason should Facebook block the record of the head of the biggest quiet mass development on the planet for talking the harsh truth individuals are too panicked to even think about discussing? For what reason hasn’t Facebook influenced the culprits of these grievous wrongdoings in Nigeria to stop their monstrosities as opposed to denying blameless casualties media access?

“Facebook rushes to succumb to the lie of specialists of abuse and blame us for disdain discourse however neglects to understand that scorn activity brings forth disdain discourse if in Facebook dictionary, unpleasant truth means disdain discourse.

“This unholy demonstration is simply much the same as how Britain and her partners dealt with Biafra during the Genocidal War of 1967-70 when they forced land, air and media bar on Biafra to deny reality with regards to the continuous destruction from coming out.

“However, our message to Facebook is basic: regardless of how enthusiastically you attempt to smother the good news of truth being lectured by our chief, the battle for Biafra freedom can’t be eased back down. Unexpectedly, our endeavors will be increased in light of the fact that Biafra reclamation is a heavenly command that should be cultivated in this period.

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“We are exceptionally fearless in our determination to reestablish Biafra and won’t be hindered. In the event that you like square all Biafran activists on your foundation, we will continue to push on until Biafra is completely reestablished.

“We in this manner, wish to support our chief’s abounding worldwide crowd to follow him and attach to his live transmissions through IPOB’s various different stages. Our chief can be finished numerous different stages, for example, Twitter YouTube, IPOB Community Radio application, Radio Biafra application, Satellite and FM.

“May we accordingly help every one of those nearby staff to remember Facebook in Lagos and Abuja that yet for Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, their families in their networks would have today been invaded by herders and psychological militants. An assistant to a merciless man will most likely get the award of savagery!”

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