BREAKING:Iran asks Interpol to arrest Trump over Soleimani ‘s murder.


Iran has applied to Interpol for a global capture warrant for U.S. President Donald Trump regarding the homicide of the Iranian top general Qassem Soleimani a year prior.

Iran’s equity representative Gholam Hossein Ismaili uncovered this on Iranian state TV on Tuesday

“In such manner, we have documented a ‘red notification’ at Interpol against 48 individuals, including Trump, U.S. leaders, and Pentagon agents just as U.S. troops in the district,” Ismaili said.

There is valuable participation with neighboring Iraq on the issue, the representative added.

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Interpol, established in 1923, facilitates policing tasks for its 194 part states.

A nation can utilize the “red notification” to demand different nations to find and capture an individual.

On Jan. 3, 2020, on Trump’s guidelines, the U.S. Armed force slaughtered Soleimani, who was on a visit to Iraq with a rocket assault close to Baghdad air terminal.

The compelling Iraqi volunteer army pioneer Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes, the representative top of Iraq’s Hashd al-Shaabi local army, was additionally murdered.

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Soleimani was the leader of the world class Quds Force, part of a tip top unit of the Iranian military.

He composed the exercises of state armies faithful to Iran in Iraq and different nations.

President Hassan Rowhani considered Soleimani a public saint and he has become a legend in the area after his death by the U.S.

Tehran will vindicate his homicide “at the appointed time” and simultaneously make a legitimate move against Trump and the Pentagon, Rowhani said.

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