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Notwithstanding the new flood in COVID-19 cases in the nation, industry specialists have said because of the current state of Nigeria’s economy, another lockdown ought not be brought about by the administrative and state governments.

Specialists who talked with The Daily Times presented that Nigeria economy will decline if add up to lockdown is started, rather the government should see into a more proactive and preparatory method of dealing with the pandemic.

It was additionally determined that limitation on monetary exercises will put the Nigerians any expectation of escaping downturn in the principal quarters of 2021 in question.

Checks by our reporter throughout the end of the week, nonetheless, indicated that Nigeria has an all out affirmed COVID19 instances of 77,933 (seven-7,000, 900 and 33) patients released 67,784 (sixtyseven thousand, 700 and 84) patients and 1,218 (One thousand, 200 and eighteen) passings as per the report by Nigeria Center for Disease and Control (NCDC).

In a selective connection with The Daily Times, a Financial Engineer and the Chief Executives Officer (CEO) of Wyoming Capital, Tajudeen Olayinka said that the Lagos State choice to re-actualize limitation on get-together is an excellent arrangement, adding that the choice won’t deliver similar monetary outcomes as seen in the result of all out lockdown.

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As per him, the economy can’t manage the cost of one more absolute lockdown right now.

What Governor Babajide Sanw-Olu is potentially starting isn’t equivalent to add up to lockdown, thus, would not create similar financial results as seen in the fallout of complete lockdown.

“Nigerian the economy requires a restoration, not another lockdown.

The public authority should search for a vastly improved method of dealing with the pandemic.”

Also, an Economist at PAC Holdings, Moses Ojo recognized that Nigeria like some different nations is confronting the danger of the second flood of the pandemic, however said that all out lockdown will push the expectation of leaving the downturn in the main quarter of 2021 in question.

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“There’s no uncertainty that Nigeria like some different nations is confronting the danger of the second flood of the pandemic.

The lockdown of the economy during the principal wave prompted the downturn that we are currently.

Other than the financial expense of the lockdown, there is the social expense also.

“Policymakers are not expected to consider another lockdown as a measure to battle the second wave since it will drive the economy further into downturn and the desire for leaving the downturn in the main quarter of 2021 may be run.

“I recommend that the most ideal approach to deal with the flood in the pandemic and to contain its spread is by authorizing nonpharmaceutical measures, for example, the utilization of facemasks, hand washing, the utilization of alcoholic based hand sanitiser, social separating and expanded edification of the individuals.

“Likewise, Awe may consider exacting requirement of screening of those coming into the nation from different nations that are encountering the second influx of the contamination,” he added.

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Likewise, the Chief Executives Officer (CEO) of Mascot Consult Limited, Marcel Okeke stated, “Lagos state government is getting exacting on the recognition or authorization of Covid-19 wellbeing and disinfection conventions.

“This is the reason there are no punishments for not utilizing a face veil openly puts, for example. Concerning the economy, we’re now in a downturn.

Everything that can happen is that exit from the downturn will take longer time.

The downturn may not decline, however the economy won’t develop quick.

“In contrast to recently, the world is ‘nearly’ figuring out how to push ahead, with or without Coronavirus.

Thus, I don’t see the Nigerian circumstance deteriorating, gave the Government handles some interior difficulties like uncertainty decisively.

“What the Lagos State government has done are prudent and proactive measures.

What’s more, that is all together, given the recrudescence of Covid-19, and the terrifying figures of new and casualty cases lately,” he clarified.

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