BREAKING:Liberia’s Anti-Corruption chief resigns over nationality scandal.


The top of Liberia’s enemy of debasement commission has surrendered, the public authority said on Tuesday, in the midst of claims that he acquired his citizenship of the West African state illicitly.

President George Weah designated Ndubusi Nwabudike, a naturalized Liberian resident of Nigerian starting point, as the seat of the country’s enemy of debasement commission in 2019.

There are reports that his folks are from Delta State in Nigeria yet political rivals of the footballer-turned-president started to address whether Nwabudike got his citizenship legitimately after Weah named him as administrator of the political race commission a year ago.

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The Supreme Court later affirmed that he had acquired his citizenship appropriately.

On Tuesday anyway the public authority distributed an explanation proclaiming that Nwabudike had regardless offered his abdication, which will produce results on February 26.


“It doesn’t serve the by and large essential interest of your administration and our kin if I somehow happened to comprise an interruption from the public plan that your administration is ready to convey to our kin,” Nwabudike was cited in the explanation as saying.

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The counter defilement boss is an attorney via preparing who had filled in as a join agent in the country of around 5 million individuals before Weah delegated him to his job.

Citizens in Liberia went to the surveys in December in a political race that happened close by a submission on lessening official terms and permitting double ethnicity.

The end-product have still not been distributed, in any case, with votes in certain territories of the nation deferred as a result of savagery and claims of extortion.

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