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BREAKING:Seven Hospitalized As Ebubeagu Operatives Invades Izzi Community in Ebonyi State

At least seven people have been killed in the Izzi community of Ebonyi State by members of the Ebubeagu security group, which was established by the Nigerian South East Governors Forum and is led by Dave Umahi, the governor of Ebonyi State. This tragic incident took place during the burial of Chief Ayogu Mbamba of Uwalagbaegvu in Izzi, Izzi Local Government area (LGA) of Ebonyi State, late on Friday, 30 December 2022.

The correspondent for Family Writers Press International who was on the scene determined that the group of lousy, trigger-happy operatives from Ebubeagu, led by a man named Mr. Otozi Ikechukwu, stormed the funeral location uninvited, drank themselves to stupor, and began randomly shooting into the air, despite the fact that there was no reason for such unprofessional actions because the peaceful funeral was almost over.

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The village youth president’s wife, Mrs. Ojike Andrew, was struck in the head by one of the numerous loose bullets that these inebriated agents sprayed into the air. Immediately, the entire event became chaotic; everyone fled their familiar surroundings to a safer location to hide from the rain of bullets, but this did not stop them (Ebubeagu agents) from shooting.

Six more people were wounded as they tried to get out of the damaged building, bringing the total to seven.

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The victims were rushed to the community’s Sudan United Mission Hospital at Iziogo, a local medical facility. Three of the victims were admitted right away, and the doctor examined them and determined that their lives were not in danger. that although they sustained serious injuries, theirs were minor in comparison to those of the other four. The remaining four were therefore turned down by the hospital due to a lack of facilities to treat their injuries.

They turned away victims, who, along with the woman who had been shot in the head, were immediately transferred to another hospital in Abakaliki, the state capital, for treatment.

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The woman shot in the head is said to be in a very critical condition and has been referred to the Intensive Care Unit for surgery, despite reports confirming that three of the four have been treated and have had their bullets removed from their bodies. As at the hour of documenting this report we are yet to affirm assuming that she made due or that she tragically surrendered to her wounds.

From Izzi, Ebonyi State, Family Writers Press International’s reporting

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