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BREAKING:U.S. court judgement indicts Tinubu for drug trafficking

Twitter has been agog with a US Region Court judgment from the Northern Locale of Illinois claiming Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s cash over his contribution in drug dealing.

The judgment docketed on July 26, 1993, and confirmed by Thomas O. Burton, the representative of the court, prosecuted Tinubu for heroin dealing with the province of Illinois through an intermediary association possessed by Adegboyega Mueez Akande and consequently relinquished the returns of the wrongdoing to the U.S. government.

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The assets, which were held by First Legacy Bank and Citibank in trust for Tinubu, the official up-and-comer of the decision All Dynamic Congress (APC), were relinquished to the U.S. government for being continues of medication related offenses.

Subtleties from the now-circled court papers show that Michael J. Shepard, the lawyer for the Northern Locale of Illinois, said in 1993 that the court has purview over the case brought to it by specialist Kevin Greenery.
As per the archive, the monies held in those relinquished records were continues from white heroin drug activities worked by Aknade and his accomplices.

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Akande had areas of strength for a very much associated opiates business, whose continues were significant and kept in the relinquished financial balances, the record shows.

The testimony uncovered that the litigant’s — Tinubu reserves — addressed a significant piece of the returns from this activity or property engaged with tax evasion. That Judge Michael accepts in view of undeniable proof that the assets having a place with Tinubu reserved in his Citibank and First Legacy Ledgers were continues from Akande and other narcotraffickers’ heroin tasks.

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The adjudicator reasoned that the returns be relinquished to the US government.

The following is a passage of the court judgment:

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