BURSTED : Again Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is proven right, Buhari doesn’t seem to recognize or remember anything- Nigerians who met with Buhari in Paris cries outs


NIGERIANS ARE IN FOR IT:  A Paris-based Nigerian reacted after a meeting with PMB and Nigerian Community in Paris.

Few hours ago, a good friend rang me from France and was literarily crying. He told me he went all the way from his base in France to Paris to be part of the group of Nigerians meeting and brainstorming with PMB and his delegation.

According to him(and he’s one reliable, sober and cerebral friend), WE ARE IN FOR IT!   PMB didn’t seem to be aware of his immediate environment. Abike Dabiri was the moderator of the event but Buhari couldn’t even recollect her name.

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Before the session started, they were frisked and their mobile devices were taken from them before entry. He approached Abike and told her of the nature of contributions he wanted to make but she discouraged him- saying he could be thrown out- all the questions asked Buhari were pre-arranged and people to ask were pre-selected.

Let me not say too much but the summary of what my friend said is, “Nigeria is in a deep mess and Nigerians are in for it”. it also made me understand Trump’s “Lifeless” comment much better.

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Those Nigerians who know this and are still pushing for a Buhari return next year are wicked! They are definitely going to pay dearly for their deliberate evil and heinous acts.

As for those who are ignorantly and blindly campaigning for his return, heaven will still punish them appropriately- ignorance is never an excuse.


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