BURSTED: INEC’s Intended Templates Uncovered By United States Observers


SAHARANEWS – Nigerians should be grateful to the United States for saving our democracy today. This is why the party in power got frustrated about the international communities interference at one point and threatened “body bags” because they know, “Americans would know”.

We are a sovereign state, agreed, but there was nothing Nigerians would have done tonight to prevent Mohammadu Buhari from rigging this election, if not for the intervention of the USA.

The Buhari government in collaboration with INEC had an agenda on how to rig the election in favor of Buhari. This was what they were planning to execute tonight with the postponement drama but SaharaNews gathered that the United States government got a wind of it and called the INEC Chairman not to dare.

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The strategy was to allow elections hold in 26 states and postpone it in 10 states. For the ten states, they had two plans: late arrival of election materials and security crisis.

The idea was to deliberately allow materials arrive late as we are already witnessing in some states, and INEC would have no option but to postpone elections in those states.

For instance, the aircraft that was supposed to deliver materials to Enugu was told it can’t land because of bad weather conditions and it had to land in Port Harcourt. Right before us, elections in Enugu would have been postponed.

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The crisis template was executed in Kaduna today. The news of Kaduna State killings of 66 people today was part of the plan to create an atmosphere of catastrophic so that INEC would postpone the election in Kaduna State citing security challenges. The news of the killings was fabricated and sponsored by the 3 inches ‘body bag’ Governor of that state.

For the 26 states that election would have held, the plan was to watch out for the outcome. If it favours Atiku, whatever the margin is, they would deploy heavy security agents to ensure they get enough votes to cover up the margin in the 10 states that elections were to be postponed as they did in Osun state.

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With this plan, Buhari would be elected back as president, but the US said, NO!

Elections across the 36 states must hold simultaneously, they insist.
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