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‘Dear Igbo Governors, You Don’t Have Sense!’- Baron Roy

SAHARANEWS – The Yoruba governors eschewed party affiliations, personal pride and all. They sought the help of their intellectuals, sociocultural groups and technocrats and established the South West Regional Security outfit.

The Northern Establishment went mad with rage! They got the President of Northern Nigeria to summon them, threaten them and attempted to intimidate them. But the governors, with the backing of their people (and indeed Southern Nigerians) stuck to their guns, and told the Northern President to ‘go f@ck himself!’ We clapped and danced in delight!

Amotekun stays!

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And the Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen are on the backfoot in the Oduduwa Region now.

But what did the South Eastern governors do?

They ignored every single sociocultural group of South Eastern extraction, approached the Northern President like the regular neanderthals they are, and declared their support for his moronic security policies.

Whereas the Yoruba governors align with their citizens to ensure the security of lives and properties in the Oduduwa Region, the gubernatorial slaves of the South East threw their own people under the bus just to get a patting on the back from the Northern President!

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Dear South Eastern governors, you don’t have sense! You’re very stupid!

Thank you!

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  1. Omaliko says

    For sure, the SE governors have ne sense and are very stupid!

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