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DSS Detention Is Tough, But Nnamdi Kanu Is Tougher

Going by the horrifying medicines distributed to detainees, prisoners and prisoners by their keeping authority, one would concur with this reality that confinement is intense. The evil treatment, isolation, starvation and general detachment to ones Opportunity and decisions adds up to the agonizing pieces of being in confinement.

Nigerian confinement offices and frameworks are essentially as exhausted and disintegrated as the actual nation. A perception at some confinement offices around the nation uncovered these hard and uncalled for conditions whereupon prisoners are being kept. These obtuse medicines bothers ailments of many detainees, deteriorates their mental circumstances, and at a few focuses prompts passings of many prisoners in Nigerian confinement offices.

Along these lines, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, a detainee of still, small voice; who has been released and cleared by Court of Allure, a court of able ward in Abuja, on thirteenth October, 2022, is going through hash and harsh medicines from the Nigerian Branch of State Security(DSS), and the national government. The DSS have tirelessly wouldn’t submit to the request for court pronouncing Kanu released and cleared from all charges evened out against him. As though that was adequately not, DSS have kept on abusing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, utilizing various pretenses; Going from placing him in isolation, denying him endorsed medicine, refusal of access his own primary care physician’s assessment, prohibiting him his strict materials, to rejecting him his normal feasts, etc.

These hard and brutal circumstances make sense of the way that being in detainment is exceptionally extreme, particularly that of Nigeria. It is a spot undesirable by people, intended to break solidified people, decided characters, and to mellow steady people by the utilization of out of line, heartless and unfortunate medicines.

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Against the Nigeria government’s assumptions, be that as it may, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has kept on showing his readiness, determination and flexibility to these cruel and undesirable medicines allotted to him much under isolation. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have kept on demonstrating failed to these different systems sent by the DSS and their lords to actually debilitate him. He has kept on excess undaunted to his convictions, inspite a few strategies utilized by the foe to cut him down.

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To be sure, confinement is intense however here, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have proceeded to show and demonstrate that he’s especially harder and solid to be liquefied or debilitated by these uncaring circumstances dispensed on him. His tireless strength and assurance has continued confounding the foes into pondering and contemplating on the sort of man they hijacked, tormented, phenomenally renditioned and saved in isolation for north of a year, yet he stays rigid. His inspiration to stay solid and zeroed in on his goal tosses his foes into disarray and disorder.

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Hence, it is about time the keeping authority, DSS and the central government abandoned this bombed self-destructive mission they left on, discharge the IPOB pioneer genuinely close by paying him his pay as properly requested by the Unified Countries Working Group(UNWG) and Abuja Investigative Court. A line in time, saves nine.


By: Oguwuike K. C

Altered Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Authors Press Global

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