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DSS seeking Nnamdi Kanu’s death by refusing him access to needed medication – Lawyer

Ifeanyi Ejiofor, the legal counselor for Nnamdi Kanu, the head of the Native Nation of Biafra, raised alert on Monday about his client’s deteriorating wellbeing circumstance at the Division of State Administrations, blaming the organization for arranging Kanu’s passing through disregard.

In a proclamation gave after his normal visit to the kept IPOB pioneer at the DSS cell in Abuja, Ejiofor mourned the office’s lack of concern to Kanu’s weakening medical issue, claiming that the DSS is currently utilizing mental torment on Kanu by purposefully denying him admittance to his drug for over four days.

Ejiofor proceeded to say that Nnamdi Kanu is presently experiencing horrendous torments and heart consumes because of an absence of medicine to treat the constant ulcer with which he has been analyzed.

The assertion read, “We visited Onyendu today, seventh November 2022, at the DSS base camp, Abuja to explicitly concise him on the situation with the forthcoming Allure under the watchful eye of the High Court, as well as bring to his respectable consideration that our lawful group, prominently drove by Boss Mike Ozekhome, SAN, has similarly documented a Cross-Allure, wherein we are welcoming the High Court to survey specific parts of the Court of Allure judgment being pursued against.

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“Onyendu was likewise educated that the National Government regarding Nigeria (FGN) has apparently, deserted their Allure, as the time considered them to record their Litigant Brief is at the edge of passing, while focusing on no sign that they are prepared to take the bull by the horn. Other broad procedures settled upon to guarantee that we give the FGN a hot pursue for their uncouth Allure will stay private.

“In any case, the normal visit managed the cost of me the chance to painstakingly stand by listening to Onyendu’s grumbling over his falling apart ailment.
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“The DSS has redesigned their mental routine torment of Onyendu, as he described to me today.

“It is a reality and on record, that Onyendu has been denied medicine for the beyond four days.

“This uncaring therapy and heinous mental torment, has subsequently, set off the horrendous agonies related with ongoing ulcer and acid reflux, which Onyendu has similarly been analyzed of, notwithstanding other hazardous ailments that Onyendu is at present fighting with.

“Today, seventh November, 2022, stamped it the fourth day that Onyendu is denied of his normal drug, and in spite of a few protestation by Onyendu, which clearly, fell on the hard of hearing ears of the rebellious DSS, they have kept a stone-hearted position on not furnishing Onyendu with his imperative routine prescription.

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“The DSS is currently by implication anticipating the unfathomable to happen to Onyendu, yet God preclude!

“Yet again the World is thus, reminded, that Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has since on the thirteenth day of October, 2022, been lawfully released and vindicated of all unimportant and sham claims contained in the up until recently 7-Count altered charge outlined against him by the FGN, and which distraction charge has similarly been struck out by the Court of Allure and laid to never-ending rest.

“What we see as exceptionally upsetting and incomprehensible to fathom, is the reason the FGN has wouldn’t submit to Requests made by a Court of capable purview, which guided them to deliver Onyendu right away.

“Rather, the FGN has straightforwardly treated the Court Requests with most noteworthy hatred and exemption.

“Our ongoing interest to the DSS is straightforward; Onyendu ought to be permitted admittance to his own doctor, as was for some time requested by the Government High Court, Abuja.

“The rebellious DSS has stayed unyielding and proceeded to superfluously expose Onyendu to harsh/prohibited treatment, and this is absolutely inadmissible.

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“We are moreover, putting the World on notice, that would it be advisable for anything inappropriate happen to Onyendu, the World ought to hold the Central Legislature of Nigeria, and the Chief General of the DSS completely mindful, ought to any mischief occur for Onyendu.

“In any case, our imposing legitimate group, famously drove by a relentless legitimate symbol – Boss Mike Ozekhome, SAN, have proactively taken care of business to lawfully address this uncivilized and unpardonable direct by the DSS, and be guaranteed that no Court in Nigeria will authorize this conspicuous demonstration of leader disorder and wildness.

“Onyendu additionally jumping all over the chance introduced by the visit to offer his significant thanks to UmuChineke, for standing firm with him in this trying period.

“He is extremely glad with your quiet and commendable lead up to this point. Onyendu keeps on encouraging you all to stay centered, and decent as you have forever been, especially now we are leaving the passage.

“Be guaranteed that it will doubtlessly end in Commendations, UmuChineke, as the FGN has played their last card, which procedure is irredeemable.”

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