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EU Parliament Receives Biafra Flag After Hearing Biafra Story, Nnamdi Kanu Eyes UN – Photos/video

SAHARANEWS – The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has briefed the European Union Parliament issues bordering the people of South East, seeked referendum for Biafra restoration.

In the speech delivered to some members of the Union on Tuesday 10 September2019, Kanu tabled how they are being oppressed since the colonial masters left Nigeria.

While explaining the Biafra – Nigeria civil war, Kanu said: “With Independence the persecution of Biafrans started. One colonial master was replaced by another, although, and without endorsing British rule, Biafrans fared better under the British than they have under Nigeria dominance.

“The Biafans who had been transplanted to the North by the British were massacred. Those that survived fled back to Biafra. The oppression and intidation did not cease in 1967, Biafra was left wIth no choice but to proclaim Independence. Nigeria declared war.

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Kanu said the oppression of Biafrans remains unabated, narrated how the Nigerian military failed in attempt to kill him through Operation Python Dance.

“In recent years the Nigerian state authorities have conducted three orchestrated campaigns against Biafrans. The three Operation Python Dance campaigns have been battles against Biafrans. The first campaign was In 2016. the second In 2017 and the third is ongoing.

“They are designed to undermine calls tor Biafran self-determination. Operation Python Dance campaigns intimidate. Serious and systemic human rights violations are carried out by state forces with lmpunity.

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“The IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, has been targeted, harassed and persecuted by the authorities. He has been unlawfully detained, subjected to prohibited II-treatment and unfair trials. It is a miracle that he‘s alive. Followmg an attack on his home, he was forced into involuntary exile. Many of those defending him were killed or disappeared. There is still a warrant Out for his arrest.

Kanu proposed the sovereign nation of Biafra as a solution to stop the illegality ongoing Nigeria nothing it further explore the development of Africa.

“Biafran please for self-determination are ignored by the lnternatlonal community. Why are Biafran voices not head? Resolving Biafra is legitimate claim for self-determination will resolve Nigeria’s crisis. Biafra is a forgotten global crisis.

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“IPOB believes that by resolving Biafra’s right to self-determination, Africa’s peaceful future will be revealed. To that extent, Biafra is Afrca’s future. The effect of Nigeria’s permanent state of conflict resonate across the content nent.

During the visit, the IPOB leader Kanu handed to the European Union a Biafra flag to drive home his protest for Biafra restoration.

Kanu, while addressing IPOB members after the presentation revealed that his next public address will be the United Nations. He cheered everyone who made it to the historic event. 

See video:

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  1. john says

    I have been supporting Nigeria but whatever, on everything that has happened and has been happening to Nigerians, I have no doubt and I accept biafra is real and will come.

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