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Five reasons why you still fantasize about your ex

Dreams can be portals into our subconscious, so what happens when your ex still pops up in your dreams. What is your dream trying to tell you?

If you are still craving or desiring your ex, especially if it’s truly over and they have moved on, you might just be missing intimacy and the sense of closeness that you had with them. You don’t have to go look for a new relationship to help you get over the last; surround yourself with family and friends.

Here’s what the dream means [Radiotimes]

We all love to hear when people admit their wrongdoings to us, but we might not get to hear that. If we dream of our ex saying sorry to us, it might be a sign we are finally moving on and healing.

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If you are dreaming of them in the present tense, almost as if you never left each other, then you should be a little worried, especially if you are seeing someone else. It doesn’t mean you should get back with them. You are probably not getting the sexual and emotional intimacy you actually desire. Focus on telling your new partner what your needs are, but don’t mention your ex. Also, lean on your friendships for emotional intimacy.

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