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“From close interactions with leadership of the Labour Party, i am convinced that: Peter Obi will fix the country.

Peter Obi will build Tech Hubs for the Almajiri and Almajira system converting Almajiranci to a hub for wealth creation and not poverty expression.
Peter Obi will solve Banditry, Terrorism and Kidnapping with advanced technologies, prosperity to the people, job creation, leader-follower relationship through regular open town hall meetings and complete Armed forces reform.
Peter Obi will increase Salary for officers of the Police Force, Military etc and make it easy for members of the security agencies to access mortgage, and car loans. The average Police officer will be financially secured and they won’t need bribe from the society to survive. Labour Party has the best plans for the police.
Peter Obi’s administration will build one Innovation center per LGA which will convert our economy from a crude oil economy to an innovation driven economy. The Nigerian Dollar kukere dance will end with Naira being strengthened against the dollar as we sell innovation, ideas and competitive technologies. Every child in all Nigerian schools will be introduced to emerging technologies to prepare them like their counterparts in China, Japan etc. In 8 years, Peter Obi will produce more Tech billionaires than any other African country. Get ready to be useful to yourself and to the world.
There is a massive plan to reform the Healthcare system. This is beyond just building hospitals etc. The Peter Obi administration will create Healthcare insurance policies that will cover poor Nigerians and enable them get the best medical care available in the country just as obtainable in other developed countries. No Nigerian will die from curable diseases again. Nobody will be required to pay money at any hospital before they are treated in a case of emergency.
Peter Obi’s agricultural reform will lead to increased food production and processing. Farmers will have access to Agro Technologies including robots, drones and sensor devices which will be subsidized by government and made available to farmers country wide.
Corruption will not be tolerated. Remember that Peter Obi was impeached as a governor because he stood in the way of corrupt legislators in Anambra state. Peter Obi is not coming to share the national cake. According to him, there’s nothing left to share. Peter Obi will fight corruption systematically, technologically, psychologically and economically. The culture of corruption will be reformed and replaced with frugality and contentment. Every Nigerian will have dignity despite their financial status. Nobody will be allowed to intimidate another Nigerian because they have more money.
Peter Obi will Unite Nigerians. Prosperity is a unifier. Poverty divides. In Peter Obi’s administration, every Nigerian will be dignified with equal access to opportunities.
Peter Obi has a great plan for education. Peter Obi will not go to sleep when teachers and lecturers are unpaid. Peter Obi will set up a direct link with SUG presidents of every federal university, direct communication channel with ASUU and will prioritize Education related matters in the country. Under Peter Obi, you will never experience Strikes etc.
Peter Obi’s administration will reform Nigeria and great Nigerians in Diaspora will come home to contribute to nation building. The Nigerian Passport will be respected globally with more countries willing to offer our people a Visa Free tourist status.
They will tell you that voting Peter Obi is a waste, but it is actually more wasteful to vote for old ambitious men who will waste your destiny.
They will tell you that Peter Obi has no Structure because they mistake money for Structure and despise the power of the masses.
They will tell you that Peter Obi is not a Saint, this time they are right. Peter Obi is no Saint, but Peter Obi is SENT.
Fellow Nigerians, Peter Obi has a plan. Peter Obi will lay down his life for Nigeria and he will protect our national treasury from the cabal. You and I and the rest of the common Nigerians in poor communities will become the only cabal within the confines of Obi’s conscience.
Peter Obi is a new breed..
Peter Obi knows no tribe…
Peter Obi respects every religion…
Peter Obi for Nigeria.
My name is Charles Awuzie and Peter Obi is my last hope for a better Nigeria. If we miss it this time, we are doomed as a nation.
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