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Gas price increased 101% in one year — NBS

The cost of cooking gas on a year-on-year premise expanded by 101.17 percent in August 2022 contrasted and August 2021, the Public Department of Measurements said.

Normal cost of 5kg cooking gas expanded from N4,397.68 in July to N4,456.56 in August.

The NBS made the affirmation in its Cooking Gas Value Watch gave on Tuesday in Abuja.

It noticed that the cost in August demonstrated a 1.34 percent increment on a month-on-month premise from what got in July.

“On a year-on-year premise, the August 2022 cost was a 101.17 percent increment over the cost of N2,215.33 paid for similar volume of gas in August 2021,” it expressed.

The report added that Taraba recorded the most elevated normal cost of N4,925.44, for 5kg cooking gas, trailed by Adamawa where it cost N4,920, and Lagos State where it sold for N4,782.50.

It expressed additionally that Katsina State kept the most reduced cost of N4,020 in August, trailed by Ogun and Yobe at N4,057.14 and N4,078.46, separately.

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Investigation by international zones showed that the North-Focal recorded the most elevated typical retail cost of N4,615.95 for 5kg cooking gas, trailed by the North-East at N4,548.03.

The North-West recorded the least retail cost at N4,285.51.

The NBS detailed likewise that the typical retail cost of 12.5kg cooking gas expanded to 9,899.34 in August 2022 from N9,824.07 in July, addressing a 0.77 percent month-on-month increment.

“On a year-on-year premise, the cost rose by 119.26 percent from N4,514.82 in August 2021,” it expressed.

The report added that the most elevated retail cost was kept in Ebonyi State at N11,225 for 12.5kg, trailed by Cross Stream State at N10,982.14 and Delta State at N10,965.42.

The least typical cost was kept in Katsina State at N8,150, trailed by Yobe and Taraba states at N8,212.63 and N8,886.30, separately.

Essentially, lamp oil cost rose to N809.52 per liter in August, showing a 2.5 percent increment over the N789.75 for which it was sold in July.

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The report noticed that on a year-on-year premise, the typical retail cost per liter of lamp fuel rose by 102.38 percent from N400.01 kept in August 2021

Further examination showed that the most noteworthy typical cost per liter of lamp oil in August 2022 was kept in Imo at N1083.33, trailed by Ekiti State at N1,026.92 and Enugu State at N1,017.74.

The report showed that the most minimal cost was kept in Nasarawa State at N625, trailed by Streams State at N627.45 and Adamawa State at N633.33.

An examination by international zones showed that the South-East recorded the most noteworthy normal retail cost per liter at N953.88, trailed by the South-West with N910.85.

“The South recorded the least normal cost at N749.51,” it expressed.

It added that the normal retail cost per gallon of lamp fuel in August was N2,947.65, showing an increment of 2.12 percent from N2,886.41 in July 2022.

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As per the report, the August 2022 cost was a 122.4 percent expansion over the value N1,325.39 paid in August 2021.

Examination by states showed that Abuja addressed the greatest expense of N4,050 per gallon of lamp fuel in August, trailed by Abia where it sold at N3,825 and Enugu State at N3,574.52.

Zamfara recorded the most reduced cost at N2,280 for a gallon of lamp fuel followed by Lagos State and Benue where it sold at N2,526.32 and N2,566.67, individually.

The NBS expressed that examination by international zones showed that the South-East recorded the most elevated normal retail cost per gallon of lamp oil at N3,276.78, trailed by the South-West at N3,073.27.

It added that the North-East recorded the most minimal normal retail cost at N2,687.63 per gallon.

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