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Global freedom recession may be ‘bottoming out’: Freedom House

According to a new report released by the Freedom House organization, which is based in the United States, global freedoms are expected to decline for the 17th consecutive year in 2022, despite this decline.

According to the Freedom in the World annual report, “war, coups, and attacks on democratic institutions by illiberal incumbents” are to blame for 35 countries’ declines in the group’s freedom index, continuing the grim assessment of global civil liberties and political rights.
Continue reading for a list of three things list of three Taliban disperse Afghan women’s march for “work and freedom” list of three Women, life, and freedom: The chants of the Iranian protests are on list 3 of 3. On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the US vice president says there is no freedom without abortion rights. This is the end of the list. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, successive coups in Burkina Faso, and efforts to consolidate power in Tunisia were the main catalysts for the decline of freedoms in 2022.

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However, the authors of the report stated that there might be grounds for optimism. The 35 nations with declining freedoms in 2022 represented the category’s lowest number in 17 years.

In the meantime, the report stated that the gap between countries that are improving and those that are declining is “the narrowest it has ever been through 17 consecutive years of deterioration” with 34 countries showing significant improvements in freedoms.

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According to the report’s authors, “there were signs during the past year that the world’s long freedom recession may be bottoming out,” which “would set the stage for a future recovery.”

Overall, Freedom House now rates 84 out of 195 nations as “free,” up from 44 when its first survey was released in 1973.

The remaining ones are given ratings of “not free” or “partly free.”
Progress: According to the report, elections and power transfers in Latin America and Africa, as well as a rollback in COVID-19 restrictions that affected freedoms of assembly and movement in eight countries, drove the improvement in freedoms that Freedom House documented.

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After Gustavo Petro, the country’s first leftist president, won the election, Colombia showed the most improvement, rising six points in the freedom index.

Burkina Faso

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