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God will penalize any king who adores idols – Oluwo

The Oluwo of Iwoland in Osun State, Oba Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi, has exhorted Yoruba customary rulers to quit visiting altars, cautioning that God will rebuff any lord who adores symbols.

Talking during the Iwo campaign complete liberation at the Prayer Center Church of God (PCCG), in a video coursing via web-based media, Oluwo reviled the divinities and those that love icons.

Additionally citing abundantly from the book of Psalms 16 section 4, Oluwo charged the Pastors to guarantee that icons are annihilated in the land.

He kept up with that Nigeria would remain in reverse if individuals, especially conventional rulers, are loving icons.

‘Who is Sango, Oya, Ogun, Osun and others before God? What is the preeminent being that this load of divinities revered.

‘Our ancestors who have ruled as ruler all through the Yoruba race deceived everyone, they were off-base. This situation of ruler doesn’t have any association with divinities. The position ought not have any gathering point with gods and symbols.

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‘Every one of the people who have been rulers in Yoruba realm, the ministers, prophets, reverends, particularly the Prophet Ogunmodede, I need to disclose to you that you are altogether accomplishing incredible work. The voice of God has show that in Yorubaland, the ruler that won’t dump icons and gods won’t know rest. The difficulty you are generally confronting now, the Yoruba lords are answerable for them all.

‘God is the ruler, that implies the castle where the lord lives ought to be what? The main foe and adversary of God in that castle is the gods or symbols that stay in the royal residence with the ruler.

‘I realize you are all from various towns. The pioneer, driver, top of a town who provide requests and mandates presently harbors symbols or divinities in the royal residence that is initially claimed by God, what will be the result, will not they be battling?

‘That implies the spot of power of your towns, there is a difficulty, what might be the resultant impact regarding the matters? You are in a tough situation as of now. Try not to chide my remain on this issue, you need to respect my direction.

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‘Icons should not be in a ruler’s castle. Proceed to tell the lords. You wedded a spouse and she carried one more man to the house, how might it be? That is the thing that the lords in the Yorubaland are doing to God. However, they are searching for God’s favoring.

‘God is here to gather up all icons from the land. What all of you need to do is that you are contending to remove out icons from the land. Ensure symbols are died in the land with the assistance of the ministers.

‘Symbols is disturbing Yorubaland, before the force can move to Yorubaland we need to stop icon revering. Do you know where the force of Nigeria is today? It is the North since they loathe symbol revering. They made the establishment of those lofty positions to be God, you can not perceive any symbols around them.

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‘Icon is an abnormal religion in Yorubaland. God articulated that we should love him in the nursery of Eden when he taught Adam to be venerating him. It won’t be well with gods and symbols. They are destroyed. Quit visiting places of worship.’

Responding to the indicated Oluwo’s assertion, Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon, said, “the main thing I can say to Oluwo is that it appears to be the Islamic religion wherein he puts stock in has made him see customary things wrongly.

‘Yorubaland is anything but an Arabic/Islamic land. He should realize that we have our own training here. He can’t simply bring the conviction and conduct of the Arab public down here. What’s more, that is the thing that he doesn’t comprehend. It is better for him to go around there and be lord since he accepts more in the Islamic religion.’

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