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Gumi: Bandits Ready to Drop Arms if fully Provided With Basic Amenities

Disputable Islamic pastor, Sheik Ahmad Gumi has said that scoundrels threatening the nation are prepared to drop their arms if instruction openings and other essential conveniences are accommodated Fulani herders at the grassroots.

Gumi expressed this while investigating a school he worked at Kagarko Grazing Reserves, Kaduna State through financing from Mosque Foundation Limited.

Gumi, who has been lobbying for reprieve for the outlaws said, if the middle which is intended to teach the herders is duplicated wherever in the country, Nigerians will reside in harmony.

He said as opposed to burning through billions on military equipment to battle the scoundrels, Nigeria ought to spend such cash on schools and instructors.

Gumi said he spoken with the outlaws and they communicated readiness to drop their arms and embrace harmony, if their kids can be given schooling and other social conveniences.

He said the school project was started “to take care of the frailty issue we have from the root in light of the fact that each wrongdoing has its culprits and each culprit are drawn from a pool so we need to go there and dry the pool and we discovered that instruction is the best fix.”

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He added that: “In case they are taught, they won’t do what they are doing.

“In this way, we say we should take instruction to the grassroots and we left on the task to likewise be a model for other people, nearby government, state and administrative and rich people even helpful social orders to meet up and ensure that we are guided across the woods to know how we can deal with carter for wanderers.”

He said the middle has six homerooms that would be utilized for both essential and optional schools.

“If we can copy this wherever Nigerians will reside in harmony”, he said.

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Requested to respond to an assertion credited to him that “Nigeria will at this point don’t exist in case outlaws are proclaimed as fear based oppressors”, Gumi said he was cited outside any connection to the issue at hand.

“It is a citation wrong. I didn’t say there will be no Nigeria. I said if banditry presently has transformed into psychological oppression, over the top strict illegal intimidation which is there in light of the fact that Islam perceives strict illegal intimidation so if we permit the herders to transform into radical and fanatic it won’t be useful for us as a country.”

As indicated by him, “almost 100% of the herders are not into banditry but rather if you transform it into strict battle they will simply go there perpetrating wrongdoing, so it isn’t great to name them as psychological militant since it will profile all herders as fear monger since you are connecting it to herders, you are not appending it to an association and in the event that you say herders are fear based oppressor Nigeria will have issue, the entire nation will be ablaze, the north south and east will be ablaze and nothing will survive from Nigeria in case wherever is ablaze”.

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He kept up with that, a ton should be possible to further develop security in Nigeria, for example, building schools as opposed to burning through billions on military hardware.”Let’s spend it on schools and educators , even the outlaws I have spoken with them as am talking with you to drop down their weapons to examine, so long their ladies and Children will learn they are prepared to drop their weapons, so is there any valid reason why we won’t accept harmony”, he said.

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