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Gumi: don’t call bandits criminals or else…

Eminent Islamic minister Sheik Ahmad Gumi has said Nigerians should quit tending to crooks as lawbreakers on the off chance that they should give up.

He covered columnists for portraying the exercises of desperados as lawbreakers.

Speakin on Arise Television on Thursday observed by The Nation, Gumi said the media is fuelling the frailty issue by depicting the outlaws as hoodlums.

He said if the media needs them to give up, they ought not be rebuked and alluded to as crooks yet pleasant words ought to be utilized to portray them.

“You’re stressing on culpability, even the press are crooks too in light of the fact that they are placing oil into fire.

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“These individuals are tuning in to you, you ought not address them as lawbreakers in the event that you need them to surrender,” he said

He added: “Young people are prepared to put down their weapons, presently you are calling them hoodlums. How would you need them to collaborate?

“So you need to show them they are Nigerians, that they ought not damage kids, be reputable. This is the language we need to hear, the press should help us in getting the young men.

“You see when we talk with them with decent words, they are prepared to hear us out, put down their weapons however when the language is about guiltiness, executing them, at that point this is the thing that we will continue to have.”

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Refering to the new danger made by Niger-Delta assailants, he said Nigeria is dealing with a cross country issue and that the nation ought to tune in to their requests and strike out “guiltiness”.

“Allow me to show you something, I don’t wish you hurt however in the event that you are halted by furnished looters out and about, you won’t utilize the word criminal on them.

“Disclose to them beneficial things so you will save yourself. We are attempting to save the country from these adolescents that have a misguided feeling of power. The language we use is vital,” he said.

“We have a difficult now, multiplication of arms, and there are medications and semi-uneducated populace. How would you manage it? By reprimanding them and mishandling them in the media?

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“You’re conversing with yourself, they don’t hear you out so the best for us is the pastors, the regarded individuals, older attempt to contact them.

“Put sense into them, when you go, they bring down their heads, they will tune in, they will begin giving reasons, acknowledge their pardon yet show them the exit plan. We are attempting to support them out of this guiltiness.

“You have the force of media, you should utilize it to unite individuals do whatever it takes not to spread things that gap individuals.”

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