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How Bobrisky became an unlikely female style icon

The evolution of Bobrisky has been incredible to witness. From a shamed criminal to a popular LGBTQA and pop culture figure. Recently choosing to identify as a woman, Bobrisky has been killing it in the style stakes. Here’s how Bobrisky became an unlikely female style icon.

Bobrisky and her mysterious ‘bae’ captured a moment in Nigeria’s pop culture history. The funny, charming and controversial Bobrisky was a regular on blogs and her Snapchat channel amassed hundreds of thousand so followers as people clamoured to for a front row seat to Bob’s daily life.

However, behind the fun lay something far more profound. Bobrisky was an openly queer (former) man who had managed to win the hearts of the people in an openly homophobic and bigoted society. What may have begun as a morbid fascination for most Nigerians quickly turned into a genuine affection as Bobrisky continued to regale us with tales of the elusive, wealthy ‘bae’. Whether ‘bae’ ever existed remains to be seen but it helped endear her to a nation

Her time in the spotlight, the unwavering support from famous friends and the general outpouring of support from fans has helped Bobrisky slowly transform into her true self. What started with dabbling with makeup, wearing heels and jewellery has ended up with Bobrisky officially asking to be referred to with female pronouns. In a country where simply being gay attracts a jail sentence of 14 years, Bobrisky has become an unlikely beacon of light for the LGBTQA movement and prompted a conversation on transgenderism and gender identity in Nigeria.

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In the meantime, Bobrisky is truly living her best life. Since coming out, she has fully embraced her newfound female identity and become the most unlikeliest of style icons. Bobrisky certainly doesn’t do anything by halves. The entertaining snapchatter changes her her hair every week and despite claiming to rarely leave the house, has a seemingly never-ending wardrobe.

Though she has had her controversial moments, Bobrisky has proved herself to be a generous and caring person. Recently, she reached out to James Obialor , the HIV positive student who was part of the group rounded up and accused of homosexuality by the Nigerian Police force. Bobrisky gave James money and promised to continue to help him financially with his mounting medical costs.

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In honour of Bobrisky, we have put together a style reel that shows how her style has evolved and how she has become and unlikely style icon and truly transformed into the Barbie doll she always wanted to be..

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