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How results will be transmitted during gov polls – INEC

He stated that the Presiding Officer in charge of the polling unit would enter the scores of the various political parties into form EC8A, which is the polling unit level result, when the polls closed at the level of the various units.

He stated, “The PO will stamp that particular result sheet, countersign it, and copies will be given to them and the police, if available.”

The original result will be scanned and uploaded to our INEC Result Viewing Portal for viewing by the general public. Additionally, the physical result and the BVAS itself will be transported to the Registration Area Collation Center in addition to the accreditation data that was generated by that polling unit.

He claims that the Collation Officer will be able to examine the accreditation data as it is transmitted and the result sheet as it is transmitted from the polling unit, as well as the original results and the BVAS itself. We will use that dual mode for the purposes of this election, which is the mode that the law has established for the commission.
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“The commission is determined to perform better than it has in the past. Okoye stated, “We are going to put those lessons into our planning purposes and processes, as well as our deployment purposes. What we have done is to learn valuable lessons from previous elections that we conducted.”

Okoye stated, “As of today, what we’re having is what we call state assembly and governorship elections.” This was in reference to the preparedness of the commission.

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“In every one of the conditions of the league, both the Bimodal Citizen Authorization Framework machines and all the touchy political race materials have left the National Bank and the different state workplaces of the organization.

We want to make certain that each polling place opens on time. Second, we made certain that all of the BVAS that will be used in this election were reconfigured to ensure that they function optimally and that some of the issues we faced in previous elections do not reoccur.

He went on to say that INEC had also provided refresher training to all staff members who would be working on the elections.

“It’s a huge election and INEC will be paying very close attention to what is going on in the various states,” he said of the country’s upcoming 28 governorship elections and 993 state assembly constituency elections.

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The Autonomous Public Constituent Commission has given a knowledge into how surveying unit results will be sent during the governorship races across the conditions of the alliance on Saturday.

Festus Okoye, Chairman of the Information and Voter Education Committee at INEC, said in a Friday interview with Arise TV that the commission had learned a lot from the presidential and National Assembly elections on February 25.

According to the PUNCH, major opposition parties such as the Peoples Democratic Party and the Labour party used the fact that INEC failed to upload results as soon as possible during the presidential election as one of the reasons for rejecting the result in which Asiwaju Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress was declared the winner.

Okoye stated, “The law as of today prescribes a dual mode of either transmission or transfer of results.”

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