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“I will bring down the price of fuel to Fifty Naira per litre if elected”~ Bola Ahmed Tinubu

“Whenever I looked at what Nigerians are passing through, i feel for them and most times tears gushed out from my eyes because Nigerians deserved the best but the system we had over the years has not really helped us rather it has helped in compounding the situation.
“Nigeria belongs to Nigerians mostly the youths and here we are today to ensure that Nigerians will never suffer again. My vision for this country is take all the youths out of poverty. I did it in Lagos State and here i am to replicate same at the National level.
“I want a Nigeria where the President will be eating the same food a poor man living in the village is eating. A Nigeria where class, level and superiority will be overthrown. A Nigeria where the youths will be paid Fifty thousand Naira per month. It is reliable, let’s make it workable.
“I am on a mission to free Nigerians from the hands of corrupt leaders. PDP and Labour Party has no vision for this country other than to deceive the masses as usual. In our party whatever we promised, we fulfilled because our word is our bond.
“Inflation is the order of the day today in Nigerian market as a result of the antecedent of the PDP corrupt structural system. Nigerians need the best and i promise to return the price of fuel to Fifty Naira (N50) per litre if elected as the President of Nigeria come 2023.”
~ Bola Ahmed Tinubu
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