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If you are in Nigeria today, it is the same thing of been in a hellfire.

A place where there is know comfort , injustice reign.
Jungle justice, pain’s, sorrows, and killing become a duty.
Rules of law become rules of corruption.
Every body is corrupt, mam and papa is corrupt.
Politics become polithiefs ….they poor are crying sourcing for help but to no avail.
No food, No good road, No stable electricity, No social amenities .
Nothing will make you feel that really, you are in you home country.
Order of the day became killings by herdsmen, Bokoharam, unknown gun men , hoodlums and mere criminals.
Nigeria is gone…but can not revive again.
The bid of conqueror by Islamic hegemony is fast approaching…..
Upon all that is going on in Nigeria, the politicians keep less concerns just because it did not happened to them and there family.
Ooh yes, how can it happen to them or their family, when their family are in abroad, a place where their fellow politicians gave in their best and sacrifice to keep it good and well secured.
But all we see in Nigeria is one politician 30 security men….the security men that were trained to secure the country but now securing only the politician…
The masses are crying, telling the politician what they need…. But the politician chose to do what they want other than the demand of the poor masses they claimed that they are representing.
Ooh how can they listen to the citizens of the country when they are busy playing ethnic and religious politics….we are finished.
Before they will done with ethnic and religious politics… They will wake up but see Nigeria no more….
The time is now..
Let us do it to save our lifes…
Let us do it to preserve who we are and let us do it to save the future of our unborn babies .
Nigeria has expired,
Anybody seeing Nigeria as his or her own country if just seeing hellfire as his country.
We must go
Biafra is my country .
Free #Biafra now !!!
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