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Igbo experts to IPOB: Nigeria’s solidarity non-debatable

The Coalition of South East Professional Network in Nigeria and Diaspora (CSEPNND) has censured the fierce exercises of individuals from the Nnamdi Kanu-drove Indigenous People of Biafra, particularly as they identify with the profiling of Fulani herders in the geo-political zone of the country.

In particular, the alliance kept up that quiet Fulani herders, as different residents, have the unavoidable option to live and dwell in any piece of Nigeria without attack, as ensured by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as altered).

It parodied Kanu and individuals from his gathering for depicting Ndigbo as a savage people, who don’t have the feeling of convenience and cordiality.

Demanding that individuals of South East are quiet, friendly and obliging, the expert gathering emphasized the way that the solidarity of Nigeria stayed non-debatable, even as it ordered Ndigbo inside and outside to impugn Kanu and IPOB.

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In a proclamation by its National President, Prof. Madumere Chika, CSEPNND reminded Ndigbo both home and in the diaspora that a court of skilled purview had prohibited IPOB, and appropriately named it a fear monger association.

It added that managing or relating to IPOB under whatever appearance was treacherous; a genuine offense against the Nigerian state.

The assertion read: “Worried by the terrible and unpardonable exercises of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his ignorant adherents, we ascend to denounce all that this child of Ndigbo represents, particularly his adversarial demeanor towards the public authority of Nigeria.

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“We hold that Kanu, in real life and deed, doesn’t address the aggregate interest of the South East, consequently ought to be dismissed and seen as insignificant.

“We are especially tormented that this mien is painting the Igbos in awful light, particularly among undiscerning individuals from the general population, who may not comprehend that Kanu’s attitude is self-serving and criminal in nature, and not unselfish, as he needs the world to accept.

“We are further utilizing this stage to separate ourselves and the Igbos when all is said in done, from the dangers gave to tranquil Fulani herders in pieces of the South East, as we have consistently kept up that the opportunity to live and direct real business in any piece of the nation, is holy.

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“To our siblings and sisters, fathers and moms everywhere on the world, we challenge all of you to ascend as one to censure all that Mazi Kanu does, spreads and represents.

“How might a locale known for its pioneering soul and conservative nature, with enormous interests in pretty much all aspects of Nigeria, permit an outlaw, who is clearly being supported by outer powers, to constantly project us in a particularly light?.”

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