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Igbos in Lagos are advised byIPOB to “think home” and “stop further investment.”

To avoid losing their investments to “political conspirators,” the Indigenous People of Biafra, or IPOB, has advised Igbos in Lagos State to begin returning to the Southeast and investing in the states.

In a statement issued on Thursday by IPOB’s media and publicity secretary, Emma Powerful, the Igbo were urged to begin preparing for a mass departure from Lagos.

It was noted that they should form brave groups to protect themselves from physical harm in the interim.

It was learned that IPOB’s response came in response to the recent intimidation of Igbo in various parts of Lagos and the burning of their businesses and properties during the state elections on February 25 and March 18.

As per the assertion, IPOB promised to defy hereafter any unjustifiable attack of the Igbo in Lagos.

“The anti-Igbo sentiments, threat, attacks, and abductions of Igbo traders, residents, and businesses threatening them to vacate Lagos are a threat to the entire Biafra nation,” IPOB stated.

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“It is unfortunate that Yoruba political, traditional, and religious leaders are oblivious to the ferocious anti-Igbo sentiments in Lagos, Nigeria. This demonstrates that they are on the same page in their efforts to forcefully expel Ndigbo from Lagos.

“The extremism and parochialism that government officials through their political hooligans have as of late exhibited against Ndigbo has demonstrated the way that the matured long harshness can’t be mended.

One thing is for sure: Ndigbo people will leave Lagos, and we don’t think any mediation will stop them from leaving soon.

“In the interim, we urge Ndigbo to form brave groups to defend themselves against tribal wanderers and political thugs. The hoodlums and cultists selected by the legislators pushing the Igbos and anticipating that we should respond and we should answer them in practically no time.

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“We are going to solve the issue with Igbo and Yoruba in a way that people will be amazed at, and no one should blame us for that.” These criminals have been monitored by Igbos. The devilish activities against Ndigbo must soon be regretted by those who carried them out. Don’t say we didn’t tell you; every Biafran must prepare to leave Lagos.

We are urging both men and women Ndigbo to get ready to leave Lagos. If your host asked you to leave his or her home, you would only be annoyed if you didn’t have a place to stay. We are aware that many of you have constructed numerous Lagos markets and mansions. It stated, “For your safety, you have the option of leasing those properties while you travel to your fatherland, mortgage them, or sell them.”

“IPOB will support each and every international market expansion or relocation in Biafra Land. As a result, we appeal to the newly elected governors and members of the House of Assembly in the Eastern Region to collaborate with local communities to make land available in each province for industrialization projects and international markets.

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“Once more, we need to be involved in ensuring that our people bring back their automobile spare parts, and we anticipate that additional markets will move from Lagos to Igboland. We suggest that they immediately begin. We are happy that our people are realizing that Nigeria isn’t for them and that their businesses should move back to the Eastern Region.

Lagosians ought to be aware that they are not performing any better than Eastern businesses. They ought to return to protect their valuable lives and property from the gangsters working for political conspirators, “it added.

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