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In Rivers – Peterside, Wike lacks popular support for Tinubu’s assistance.

Prior to the APC rally in Opobo, your hometown, you had been quiet on the political scene. What’s going on?

Do you mean that I haven’t been loud? It is true that I have never been a loud, methodical, or strategic politician. At the federal, state, and local levels of government, I have been heavily involved in my party. Through my writing, appearances on television, and involvements in the community, I frequently voice my opinion on relevant political issues. Noise and optics are irrelevant; what matters are effectiveness and efficiency. The Opobo Rally had to happen; that’s my hometown LGA. Sadly, state-sponsored violence was used against a peaceful party rally to engage the public.

The APC was alleged to have orchestrated the violence in Opobo and began placing blame on the PDP.

Accusing the APC of sponsoring self-inflicted harm is childish, dishonest, and naive. It’s completely absurd. Prior to being desecrated by this political outcast, Opobo was without a doubt the most tranquil community in Rivers State. The well-known hallmark of Rivers State-sponsored political violence, led by the infamous garrison commander himself, permeated everything that took place in Opobo on January 31, 2023.

Repression, intimidation, and violence are Wike and the PDP’s main strategies in Rivers State.

A free and fair election has never been won by Wike before. He has a stiff neck and is afraid of competition, and he is aware of his past performance in office. It’s a pity! The pattern is easy to see.

Apart from Opobo, it took place at various times against various political actors in Etche, Ahoada West, Omuma, Degema, Tai, Okrika, and Port Harcourt. In every affected location, the execution method is the same. The fact that security agencies have abandoned their duties is disheartening. Please come forward if you have any evidence that the APC sponsored violence against itself.

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In fact, the state government stated so. Would you mind responding to that?

The state government did not state that, in my opinion. Their initial press release implicitly acknowledges their complicity by stating that they mobilized security to stop our rally because we did not obtain permission to use the community open space in Opobo.

The state government in question is now unable to assert that the APC attacked itself. I have never been involved in violence and am a man of peace. In Rivers State, the man who views violence as a religion and a strategic tool that must be used to achieve political goals is known to even the blind and deaf.

Is it true that Rotimi Amaechi and you have disagreements as a result of your inability to be reappointed as NIMASA DG?

That assertion has no foundation at all. We really like having a strong relationship. I have no animosity toward Rt. Rotimi Amaechi, Hon.

To begin, he did not deny me a second term because he is not the appointing authority.

Also, no one, living or dead, lobbied me to be reappointed to NIMASA. The truth is that I had decided to run for political office at the time, but it didn’t work out. I don’t have bad feelings for anyone. It even defies my nature. Let people know that we don’t have any problems at all. We continue to be the same family as we have always been.

How do you feel about the governors of the G-5 and how influential do you think they are?

(Governors of G5) Whether they are motivated by patriotism or self-interest is up for debate. Since they are governors, they must have followers. Is their following large enough to have an impact on the overall outcome of elections in their states or across the country? I don’t believe so. The governor of my state is using state resources for political gain and abusing our commonwealth’s authority. But he doesn’t seem to be aware of the fact that things have changed. The role of money in politics is limited.

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Another point that needs to be made is that the political climate in the area will make it impossible for everyone to move in the same direction. Before making any political decision, my good friend Okezie Ikpeazu, the governor of Abia State, will need to look at the local situation in his state.
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If the G5 governors want Senator Iyorchia Ayu, the PDP National Chairman, to resign so that someone from the South can take his place for balance, etc., do you think they have a point?

You can present a compelling argument in the wrong way or at the wrong time. Ayu would have to step down following the elections in order to make room for a southerner to lead the PDP if the party ever achieves success.

But it’s clear that what’s going on right now is a ruse by someone to fight for his own self-interest. Would he be urging Ayu to resign immediately if Wike were given the party’s vice presidential nomination? These governors cannot believe that all of us are fools. If you are a true party man, there are ways to engage. They are the focus of this conflict, which has nothing to do with Nigeria’s, Nigerians’, or any other region’s interests.

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Therefore, do you concur that the G5 have some influence?

I already responded to this. They would have some influence, but not enough to determine the overall outcome of the elections, for emphasis. The political landscape and dynamics have changed. Mind you, 2023 is not 2015. In 2015, there was no accreditation system for bimodal voters. In 2015, our economic situation and political awareness were not at this level. Compared to today, we do not have two major parties. I worry that the so-called G5 governors might overestimate and extend themselves too far. There will be repercussions.

Are you aware that Wike is supporting Bola Tinubu, the presidential candidate of your party?

I’m unaware of it. I am aware that his Rivers team is rife with disagreement and divergence. You can bet that Wike is only interested in surviving and will not go out of his way to help anyone. His alleged base of supporters is nothing more than fiction or sponsored media. He says he is smart, but his inconsistent behavior and dishonesty become more and more apparent every day. He is currently living a reality in which he has pushed himself too far. I feel his pain. He clearly needs assistance.

Wouldn’t Wike also be deserving of praise if Asiwaju wins the election?

I am unable to respond to that inquiry. What would he have brought to the table, possibly government funds from Rivers State? Because he has nothing to offer, it is evident that he does not enjoy widespread support. He hasn’t campaigned for the APC, according to me. Wike should not take any credit for the success of APC and Asiwaju. Betraying your party will not get you anything at all.

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