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“It Is Time To End Nigeria So That People Who Want Development Can Go Ahead” – Bishop Matthew Kukah

I have never been as uncertain of Nigeria future as I am currently… …

After autonomy, to assemble an incredible country, every nation went to work. Yet, in Nigeria, after autonomy, our kin went to ask and quick.

In this way, while we were supplicating, Malaysia came here and took our palm seedlings and assemble an extraordinary processing plant of it.

While we were asking, Singapore went into interest in innovation.

While we were asking, India went into ICT.

While we were asking, China went to gigantic industrialization.

While we were yelling Allah Alakuba! UAE went into monstrous infrastructural improvement.

While we were restricting and projecting Lucifer, Japan went into innovative turn of events.

While we were talking in tongues, Denmark went into schooling of her residents.

While we were mounting large speakers in our places of love, USA was mounting man on the moon.

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After our supplications, God, being a shrewd God chosen to remunerate us as per our work.

Since those that went into industrialization, innovation, infrastructural improvement, ICT, instruction and so forth had been compensated as needs be. It’s just insightful God rewards us with our endeavors in supplications.

That is the reason today, Nigerian ministers are contending in building the greatest chapels. That is the reason there are more supplication houses and love places than medical clinics and schools. That is the reason individuals hurry to petition houses for clinical and business arrangements rather than clinics.

That is the reason we don’t work together recommendations prior to hopping into business since we will uphold it with petitions. What’s more, when such breakdown, we fault villain.

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That is the reason it’s wrong to say anything negative with regards to ministers and imams.

That is the reason our ministers don’t think about the assessment of architects while building and fault fallen angel when the structure fell.

That is the reason confidence in God replaces building columns and when it imploded we pin it on Lucifer.

That is the reason our ministers are ensuring they plant church branches rather than schools in each road in Nigeria.

That is the reason we generally trust that God will do what capacity to achieve He has as of now gave over to us.

That is the reason we need our instructors to work on the planet and come to paradise for their prizes.

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Nigeria is a petition cherishing, God dreading country. Religion has replaced innovation, foundation, training what not.

At the point when we are voyaging, we overlook all the essential street necessities, adjusting of our vehicles and ask. What’s more, when we supplicate, we can put a half fit vehicle out and about and fault our progression mother or mother by marriage on the off chance that anything turns out badly.

That is the reason there are a greater number of individuals biting the dust on our streets than untamed life creatures in the wild.

Since, we supplicate and quick and pass on everything to God when God has given us all we need to endure and fabricate a country… … .God help us.

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