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Joe Igbokwe: When It’s A Crime To Love Buhari, Nigeria And Igbo Land

There are a large number of us round the country who follow Muhammadu Buhari energetically. Some got enrolled in 1984 when the man was military head of state. Others joined along the line as the chief was Chairman of the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF) in the Gen Sani Abacha years, or when he joined sectarian legislative issues in 2002, ran for President a year after the fact, likewise in 2007, 2011, and 2015, when he in the end drifted to control.

Throughout the long term, a portion of the Buharists (as we are called), have tumbled off, and surprisingly joined the resistance. However some others have stood durable, consistent, steadfast, as steady as the Northern Star. Stand up and soak up the adoration, Engineer Joe Igbokwe, the man from Nnewi, in Anambra State.

President Buhari is conceivably the most tenable government official we have found in the country in contemporary occasions, with an attractive force that attracts individuals to him droves. That was the point I was making last week in this segment, however which an uneducated columnist with a web-based medium turned to say I asserted Buhari was superior to Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Aminu Kano etal. He prevailed in his central goal: creating derisive remarks against me, yet I pass on him to God. For we will all remain before the judgment seat of God to deal with serious consequences regarding what we have done, including all types of lie against an individual man. Our calling, or political and ethnic affiliations would at this point not make any difference then, at that point.

We were discussing Joe Igbokwe before the concise redirection. Indeed, this man loves Buhari to bits. He cherishes Nigeria, and he adores his local Igbo land. Also, guess what? That is currently a wrongdoing in our country. Igbokwe’s life has been harshly and severally undermined, his family harassed, and on October 3 this year, his area home in Nnewi was set ablaze.

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Igbokwe is a patriot. His schooling, essential, optional and even college he had in the Southeast. However, since he got posted for public assistance in Ogun State in 1985, he had stayed in the Southwest, relating to individuals, their legislative issues, their lifestyles, while not disavowing his affection for his underlying foundations in Nnewi, and the Southeast for the most part. No big surprise he is famously called Agbalanze, after that Onitsha social affiliation.

At the point when it was not famous for individuals in the Southeast to follow the Progressives, Igbokwe gave it a shot. From Alliance for Democracy (AD), to Action Congress of Nigerians (ACN), to All Progressives Congress (APC), he remained to be counted. Furthermore, on the off chance that you count submitted adherents of Buhari today, the Agbalanze is in the number.

In case there is anything he needs to explain about government, or our head, Igbokwe never wonders whether or not to reach out to me. I give him foundation data, and he is fulfilled.

At the point when certain individuals from his piece of the nation started to withdraw into ethnic cleavages, and needed the intellectuals to relate to them, the Special Adviser to the Lagos State Governor on Drainage and Water Resources made it clear he was a patriot. Also, he remained by his conviction, standing in opposition to dissidence and an endeavor to balkanize the country. At the danger of so much, he picked one Nigeria.

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Igbokwe loves Igbo land. Indeed, don’t we as a whole love where we come from? Shouldn’t we? We ought to, we should, before we can even be acceptable Nigerians. At the point when abnormal things started to occur in the Southeast, individuals being executed, public structures being burnt, and security specialists being killed without hesitating, Igbokwe remained against it. Mum was the word from greater part of the heads of the district, yet for Igbokwe, the man passes on in him who stays silent even with oppression. He stood up.

He continued saying building spans across the length and broadness of the nation was the best approach, especially for Igbo renaissance. He wouldn’t join the people who were withdrawing into ethnic casing, and represented patriotism. It is either Nigeria or nothing! The man acquired procured my profound regard. He represented what was correct, reasonable and just, for centripetal, as opposed to diffusive powers in the country.

On October 3, I was in Ethiopia with Mr President, going to the initiation of that nation’s Prime Minister for second term in office, when we saw the miserable news on the web. The great farm house of Igbokwe in Nnewi, where the man regularly resigns for isolation, and where he had a tremendous library, had been set burning. Whodunnit? You know the appropriate response. Unbridled scorn was in plain view, and a nationalist was addressing a weighty cost for his feelings. At the point when that heavenly white house ejected in smoke and fire, it was blamelessness that was consuming. Positive energy was afire, and love for homeland was on fire. Thy brilliance gracious Israel is killed upon the high places.

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Happily, no life was lost, on the grounds that the aggressors couldn’t lay their hands on anybody. Be that as it may, incredible was the misfortune, and I distressed for my sibling Joe, and his better half (he calls her his crush) Dr Grace. How happened is the thing that shrewd talking deals with a country. The falsehoods and disdain hawked by insidious hearts have sprouted, developed, and delivered detestable natural products.

You would expect a man who had been bothered, chided, and assaulted by incendiaries, to return bile for bile, disdain for disdain. Compromise hell and damnation. In any case, not our Joe. What did he say?

“We took care of the benefit of Igbo land and Nigeria…By the beauty of God, we will safeguard Igbo land. Today is my turn, tomorrow it very well might be the turn of anyone. We should take Igbo land back from the executioners and fire playing criminals.”

I say a resonating so be it to those petitions. We should take all aspects of the country from the people who mean awful, composing distress, tears and blood. It is Nigeria or nothing! In fraternity we stand. No other choice is adequate, not even possible, any other way, we would all lose, slicing our noses to show disdain toward the face.

*Adesina is Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity.

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