JUST IN: Gov Obiano and Nnia Nwodo fights over Atiku and Buhari


SAHARANEWS – IT was a show of shame as the so called Igbo leaders stoop to the point of fighting and names calling, all because political differences. Gov Obiano calling Nwodo, the President General Ohanaeze Ndigbo an “idiot” for the decision of Ime Obi ,the highest decision making body of Ohanaeze,to endorse Atiku

“Your Excellency Gov Obiano, I was surprised to receive a call from you a few minutes ago in which you said the following words “Nnia, I didn’t know that you were so idiotic”
I am shocked that you can be so insolent.

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I am sure that I was not so idiotic when I addressed your State Assembly asking Ndi Anambra to disregard the IPOB boycott of your election nor was I idiotic when I pleaded with the Commander in Chief to restore your security details.

History will judge who amongst us is idiotic. If standing with the popular wish of Ndigbo makes me idiotic I am happy to be called an idiot.

I will make this communication public so that Igbos will know who is idiotic amongst both of us”.

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These are the so-called elders, intelligentsia, elite, leaders, opinion moulders that saw something from village pit-toilet that IPOB could’t from atop Mount Everest. These are the retarded Fulani slaves some idiots want IPOB to work with. Ihere megbuo unu there ndi isi nmebi. When IPOB said election boycott in Anambra it was Nwodo that rushed to defend the drunkard. Today has the chicken not come home to roost? We are a billion times more intelligent that them.

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