JUST IN: The demand for Biafra is in line with the UN charter – Israeli prime Minister

!– wp:paragraph –> Benjamin Netanyahu Of Israel, Urges UK To Support Biafra Agitation. The prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, when invited for a G8 summit in the United Kingdom, UK, said, “It is high time, Africa Nations, who calls for separation splits, because, that’s their Civic Right to do so.” Biafra agitation, from Nigeria, is now, if the Actualization is supported by Nations. Benjamin, in his visit to the United Kingdom, UK, Theresa May on Monday, speak intensively on the challenges facing by Africa Nations and Biafra Actualization by some group in the South-East region, in Nigeria. He said, Biafra is due to stand as a Nation, urged United Kingdom, UK govt and World Leaders to see reasons, why Biafra should be supported, in order to Actualize their dreams as a Nation.
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