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JUST IN:IPOB denies a female alleged executioner.

Yesterday, the alleged female executioner trending on social media was disowned by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPoB), claiming that she is not a member of either the IPoB or the Eastern Security Network (ESN).

The group criticized the Nigerian Army, the Federal Government, and other security agencies for what it called the most recent “Nollywood” film made to discredit ESN and it.

“From the so-called confessional statement of the purported female executioner, she claimed to have joined ESN four months ago, shows that she was handed a very poor script because IPoB stopped the recruitment of ESN operatives since 2020 before our leader formally inaugurated ESN in December 2020,” said Emma Powerful, IPoB’s Media and Publicity Secretary. There has been no recruitment of new ESN employees since the inauguration. The IPoB has repeatedly stated via Radio Biafra, press releases, and other media that it has ceased recruiting new ESN agents.

Additionally, see South East Security: “As the Media and Publicity Secretary of IPoB, I have written several press releases informing the public and those who may be concerned that ESN does not have any camp in Enugu Ezike.” Troops eliminate 7 IPOB members and arrest 22 criminals. Furthermore, Mazi Chinasa Nworu stated publicly that ESN does not have a camp in the Enugu Ezike, which is located in the state of Enugu, on multiple occasions during his Radio Biafra programs, which are hosted by Mazi Chinedu Jonathan.

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“If, for the sake of argument, there is a camp in this area, it must be one of those camps set up by collaborators of the Nigerian government to carry out its evil bidding with the sole purpose of blackmailing IPoB, as in this absurd case of a so-called female executioner. Igboeze North and South residents are well aware that IPoB does not have a base in their area.

“If the so-called female executioner is real, the caricature clearly demonstrates that she collaborates with collaborators from the Nigerian government to impersonate ESN in Enugu Ezike. The only thing discerning minds need to know about the female executioner in question is a cursory look at her hairstyle. Every attempt made by the Nigerian government through its sponsored collaborators is rejected by IPoB.

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“The Nigerian government ought to be aware by now that IPoB cannot be intimidated or blackmailed by the “Nollywood” films they are starring in because they are extremely predictable and we are aware of their game plans before they are carried out.

We have always maintained that the IPoB leader’s ESN does not engage in any criminal activity. They have volunteered to protect our farms and forests from intruding terrorists posing as herdsmen, and they are disciplined and dedicated individuals. They do not harm our people and protect them.

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“IPoB and ESN despise all forms of criminal activity, especially those that take place on our territory. Our agenda does not include crime. We can’t change our plan, and we need the help of God Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama, who runs the universe, to get it done. Our sole objective is to ensure that a peaceful and universally recognized democratic process known as a referendum results in Biafra’s freedom.

“As a result, we assert that anyone establishing a connection between IPoB and ESN and any form of criminal activity must either be under the influence of drugs or simply engaged in dirty blackmailing for the Nigerian government. IPoB will not fall for their paid extortion and propaganda. We have come a long way, and we cannot be distracted by low-cost blackmail in response to this cries for the sovereign state of Biafra.

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