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Kanu has achieved the status of cult hero in South East Nigeria.–Ibrahim Bunu

I just watched Nnamdi Kanu’s video trending on Sahara Reporters…..some said erroneously he had breached his bail terms. I laughed but I digress.
Kanu has achieved the status of cult hero in South East Nigeria. He has effortlessly achieved what most politicians crave for. He pulls crowd and devotees without financial inducements!
Kanu had tactically, strategically and successfully mixed one ‘opium of the masses’ with another (religion and politics).
Kanu had found his calling in life and from that short clip, I see a man that will probably seek martyrdom than face failure.
Kanu is calling for a referendum. That word will strike a cord with the International community. Democracies are built on feedbacks from the people – AKA referendum.
Kanu has changed tact. It will take the astuteness of a professor of Law to deal with this now. Not bullets, not water canons, not brute force. Thank goodness we have one in the Villa now, I wish him the best.
Though a Nigerian Nationalist, I cannot in good conscience begrudge a people seeking to be heard that opportunity.
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